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Tutorial: What is Sub-Ohm vaping? And How to Get Bigger Clouds of Vapour?

If you’re new to vaping, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Sub Ohm’ every now and then. And you must have wondered “what does sub ohm mean?”. This may sound odd if heard for the first time. However, the bigger knowledge you get about Sub-Ohm vaping, the more desire to try Sub-Ohming. Read this blog post in order to find out what Sub Ohm vape is, what cloud chasing means, and how to get big vape clouds.

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

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Sub Ohm vaping or sub ohming is a style of vaping that generates big clouds of vapour. But first let’s explain what vape Ohms are. An Ohm is a unit used to measure electrical resistance, and it’s named after Georg Simon Ohm. Now all coils have a resistance reading and it’s usually found of either the packaging or on the coil itself.
And now what is Sub-Ohm. This is a resistance of the coil under 1 Ohm. Sub Ohm vaping has become the most popular yet equally controversial trend in vape industry. The idea behind the Sub Ohming is that the lower the resistance of your coil, the more power you are able to get from it, which results in big and dense vapour clouds. Sub-Ohm mods provide enough airflow suitable for direct lung inhalation. These devices are capable of putting out a minimum of 40 Watts, but the higher levels can reach and exceed even 200 Watts.
The Sub-Ohm phenomenon began in 2014 with the advanced vapers trying to achieve both bigger clouds and more intense flavour. This trend dominates the industry even these days and it has already formed a new direction in vaping, a new group of fellow vapers called cloud chasers.

What Is Cloud Chasing?

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Cloud chasing is the process of getting huge vapour clouds, while cloud chasers are those experienced vapers, who are nuts about massive clouds. Using a personal vaporizer (mechanical mod) and an RDA with a low resistance coil, a cloud chaser inhales and then expels large amounts of vapour from his/her lungs as a spectacle to behold. They generally display their skills at Cloud Chasers Vape Competitions.

Any hobby or sport involves competition, and cloud chasing is no exception. In competitive vaping cloud chasers not only try to blow the biggest vapour clouds, but also to see who can pull off the coolest vape tricks. Experienced vapers gain fans, money and sponsorship deals through these meet-ups at local shops and vape conventions. And these competitions became so popular due to social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. Nowadays, competitive vaping is held all over the world, where vaping is legal for use of course, and the winner gets the main prize – money reward and some free vape products. 

Not all Sub Ohm vapers are necessarily cloud chasers, but cloud chasers are most certainly Sub Ohm vapers. Sub Ohming is the only way to achieve such voluminous vape cloud production. But still there are some additional tips on how to get dense clouds.

How To Get Bigger Clouds Of Vapour?

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  • Choose appropriate sub ohm battery. You will need batteries high amp ratings, suitable for high wattages.
  • Use appropriate e liquid. High VG e juice is the best option for cloud chasing, as VG is known to produce bigger clouds. All the VG\PG ratios higher from 70/30 will work best for you. 
  • Keep the airflow open. Most sub ohm devices come with adjustable airflow. Thus, the airflow should be at its most open setting. This will help you achieve the biggest vapour clouds for the atomizer you’re using.
  • Use coils below 0.5 Ohms. As we already mentioned, Sub Ohming is all about the resistance of the coils under 1 Ohm. Low resistance coils that are 0.5 Ohms and below can handle more wattage and generally produce bigger clouds.

Please note that Sub Ohming requires some advanced knowledge about it and vape experience. It is good for vape enthusiasts and we would not recommend it to beginners who have just quit smoking and started their vape journey.

Sub Ohm vaping has many advantages over ordinary styles of vaping. However, along with pros, some vapers find a few cons of vaping. Lets name them all and help you decide whether Sub Ohming is good for you.

Pros of Sub Ohming

  • Massive, huge, giant plumes vapour. If you take a look at cloud chasers, you may wonder how many vapour their lungs can inhale. People are just lost in vapour due to sub ohm devices, and VG e-liquids. Blowing clouds appeal to many vapers and big cloud production is probably one of the main advantages of Sub Ohming;
  • Intense flavour. A single e-liquid may seem different if tested with sub ohm device and ordinary vaporizer. The thing is that Sub Ohm coils are capable of vaporizing a lot of e-juice. As a result your taste buds get a hit with tons of flavour with each and every puff;
  • Warmer vape. This fact may seem a disadvantage for some vapers who prefer a cooler vape. Tastes differ;
  • Stronger hit and more nicotine. Basically, for Sub-Ohming there e-juices with lower nicotine concentration are recommended. “So how do I get more nicotine then?” you may ask. Due to the big amounts of vapour inhaled with Sub-Ohm coils, you will have a lot more nicotine going into your lungs. However, this could result in bad taste and even head rushes, which is the reverse of the medal;
  • Wider airflow. Sub ohm vaping goes best with a direct lung inhale and unrestricted airflow. More airflow is necessary for cooling down the higher heat produced from the coils;

Cons of Sub Ohming

  • Sub Ohm vaping is not for new vapers. So if you are new to vaping and you desire to experience dense clouds, stuff yourself with high VG liquids and a bit of patience to get more knowledge about this style of vaping;
  • Sub-ohm vaping gear is a bit more expensive that ordinary vape devices and parts;
  • It is more expensive in the long-run as it consumes more e-liquid;
  • The coils burn faster, so you will have to buy new coils and replace them permanently;
  • It is good choice for those fellows who prefer direct-to-lung (DTL) vape style. Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping fans are less likely to appreciate Sub-Ohming.

The Equipment For Sub Ohm Vaping 

Originally cloud chasers were using two strands of wire to create an ultra-low resistance coil which in time gave way to twisted and parallel dual coil builds. Cloud chasing has evolved with time due to the popularity of powerful regulated mods and exotic low resistance coils. So these days there is no need for you to start building to the specifications of their device and batteries, as there are plenty of sub ohm coils and mods available on the market.

We have put together the list of the best vape mods for clouds and vape gear for sub ohm vaping to make your choice easier.

  1. Smok Alien
  2. Innokin iSub Replacement Coils
  3. Smok TFV8 Tank
  4. Sigelei Fuchai Vcigo K2
  5. Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W
  6. Voopoo Drag
  7. SMOK Mag
  8. Vaporesso Luxe-S 220W

Sub Ohm Vaping Chart

Get this sub ohm vape chart as a guideline to safe vaping ranges for your specific atomizer resistance.

As you take a look at this sub ohm wattage chart, you will see the Voltage of the top. 3.6 volts to 4.2 Volts will produce ample vapour. If you get into the 5 Volt or more range you will be running the risk of burnt hits and fried coils.

Most mods have a voltage reading, and that is another way you can monitor whether or not you are vaping at a power setting suitable to your coils. Fire the mod and watch the voltage reading. If it reads 4.8 or up, you should probably dial back the power.

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