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Disposable e-cigarettes: everything you wanted to know

The disposable e-cigarette is a compact device with an injection molded design. It works on the principle of an evaporator, only the evaporator element itself is not replaceable. You cannot refill and reuse a cigarette. The solution is popular among people who rarely smoke and among smokers who are quitting the habit.
     The principle of operation of disposable and standard vapes differs little. A conventional device is disassembled and involves refilling or replacing the winding. Maintenance of reusable vaporizers is costly. Disposables are easier - you choose the taste and strength, buy, smoke and throw away as soon as the liquid runs out.

Design and principle of operation
The body and filling of the device include:

  • pressure meter;
  • heating element;
  • liquid impregnated material responsible for evaporation;
  • disposable batteries;
  • LED indicator signaling on and off.

The heating element is activated as soon as a person takes a puff. First, the pressure sensor is activated, the LED lights up, and then the heater and the liquid-impregnated material come into contact. The result of this is steam - not smoke, but steam. It is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker.

Liquids for disposable vapes
The composition of the liquid is the same as in reusable models:

  • Glycerin is a safe oily composition that is responsible for the saturation of steam.
  • Propylene glycol is a viscous, slightly sweet liquid that transports substances through the respiratory tract.

The composition may also include nicotine, but this is an optional component. Its concentration is controlled, the substance is added in a purified form. Distilled water and flavorings are also added to the liquid for POD systems to give a specific tast

Advantages and disadvantages of disposable electronic cigarettes
      Disposable models became popular at the end of 2020. The devices have received a number of advantages over classic cigarettes or reusable vapes, but there are some nuances in their use.
Positive aspects of use

  • Savings - the price of one device is equal to a pack of expensive cigarettes, but you can use it for 1-2 days. Depends on the frequency of soaring.
  • Maintenance-free – no refilling or cartridge replacement required. As soon as the liquid runs out, the device is thrown away.
  • Compactness - the size is the same as a regular cigarette.
  • With regular use does not affect the color of the face or hands.
  • Does not leave an unpleasant odor after smoking.

Electronic cigarettes can be used in many public places.

Negative sides

  • Inexpensive solutions quickly lose flavor. Already with the third use, the taste may become inexpressive or disappear altogether.
  • No warranty - if the device stops working after the first tightening, it will not be possible to exchange or give it to the service.
  • The service life may differ from the declared.

Terms of Use

  • The cigarette contains a small lithium-ion battery, so it cannot be stored at extremely low or high temperatures.
  • Cigarettes do not need to be refilled - do not try to break open the case, this may cause a fire.
  • Dispose of devices in designated areas for battery recycling.
  • Use the cigarette only for its intended purpose - do not throw it away, do not allow contact with water, the mechanism is always on and may break.
  • When vaping, leave the air ducts open, otherwise the cartridge will burn out and the cigarette will stop working prematurely.
  • When the taste is gone, dispose of the device, even if the charge remains.

On average, the number of puffs is the same as for two packs of cigarettes, but when the taste may disappear earlier. If you inhale when the taste is no longer felt, a sharp bitterness may be felt in the mouth.

Popular Models
      As with vape liquids, disposable e-cigarettes can be nicotine-free or nicotine-free. Taste and strength are also different. Most popular brands:

  • Pos. In 2014, they received the "Product of the Year" award. Now the assortment of the manufacturer has grown significantly. The device is made of plastic, there is a protective cover. It looks like a pen. Floral and fruity fragrances are available.
  • noqo. Cigarettes are made in the Pons factory. The range of flavors and aromas is also large, and the design is more feminine.
  • Luxlite. Positioned as electronic anti-tobacco devices. The manufacturer uses a blue indicator, while many companies install a red one. The body is metal.
  • Cricket. A popular brand familiar to smokers from lighters. Solutions with high nicotine content - 2-4.5%. The case is made of metal, the orange indicator serves to simulate smoldering.
  • Nexx. Stylish cigarettes with a soft cap instead of a plastic or metal cap. The manufacturer offers a little less than 20 flavors.

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