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How to choose a box mod

What are box mods
     The list of modifications of box mods with different characteristics is large. Devices differ in:

  • power;
  • the number of batteries;
  • board type;
  • screen settings;
  • battery combining technologies;
  • atomizer compatibility.

     The choice of a box mod should be approached responsibly, compatibility with an atomizer depends on its characteristics.
     This is an important, but not a determining criterion for choosing a device. Buying a device with a high power of 200-300 W is hardly useful. The average working power of the product on a hookah draw is 50-80 W, on a cigarette draw - up to 30 W. Focus on this mod action:

  • if you need a substitute for a regular cigarette for every day, a 30 W model will suffice;
  • a 150 W device fills a small room with steam in 10 puffs;
  • for an atomizer with a hookah draw of more than 80 W, a 120-150 W mod is suitable.

     Ideally, we recommend buying a device with a power reserve. Many vapers note that the same power on different boards can feel different. Some boards can run slower, so they supply power by gradually increasing it.
     Power determines the power and autonomy of the device.

  1. Removable 18650 batteries with high capacity and compact size. A versatile option for vape lovers.
  2. Models with a built-in battery are less reliable and wear-resistant.

The autonomy, power, as well as the size and weight of the device depend on the number of batteries. Designs equipped with a single battery are bought by fans of cigarette cravings. For a hookah bar, they offer devices with two batteries that form a large traction.
Ways to connect batteries in a box mod
     Battery connections in fashion are of the following types.

  1. Sequential. Powerful, but not stand-alone devices.
  2. Parallel. The complete opposite of the previous type of products.

     If two batteries are connected in series, then the box mod will give out capacity, as with one battery. If they are connected in parallel, then their autonomy will be twice as much. Despite the good capacity, box mods with parallel connection are rarely produced by manufacturers.
     For fans of drips and productive windings, the resistance indicator is considered the leading one.

  • Ideally, a good model works with a resistance above 0.05 ohms. This mod is suitable for burning a spiral.
  • The model with a resistance of 0.08 Ohm is distinguished by effective functionality and autonomy.
  • Most vapers choose devices with a resistance of 0.1 ohms or higher.

Atomizer Box Mod Compatibility
     Box mod should be chosen for a specific atomizer or vice versa. Modern models are produced with a -510 connector. Differences can be in the following aspects:

  1. deep-set pin with a plus sign, but this is a rare occurrence;
  2. section of landing platform and atomizer.

     Of the common models of atomizers, good reviews are addressed to those with a diameter in the range of 24-25 mm. Manufacturers also produce products with a diameter of 23 mm.
Board and brands

Products of some manufacturers are known for high quality boards. The devices of the following brands are reliable:

  • Vaporesso - powerful and productive boards;
  • Voopoo - accurate, reliable and productive modules;
  • Eleaf, Joyetech - products sold at an average price deteriorate when moisture gets on the surface;
  • Geekvape - premium quality boards that can give errors on version 1 chips, and are considered the best on chips 2;
  • DNA - obsolete designs;
  • Vandy Vape - stable functioning and rare devices.

     From box mods of little-known brands, it is better to refuse immediately. It is not known what components they are made of and how long they will last.
How to choose a box mod by screen
     The screen in the box mod can be of different modifications. In addition to the aesthetic component, the module shows the following data:

  • device power;
  • the number of puffs that can be done;
  • resistance;
  • functional mode;
  • how long the puff lasts and the power when applying and pressing.

     For some models, the time and screen saver are displayed on the screen. Modern devices are equipped with an OLED screen that shows clear images. Ideal for daily use.
     Color screens are built into premium devices. Models standalone, have a simple and intuitive interface.

     When choosing the right vape box mod, focus on the following criteria:

  • popular power limits from 30 to 80 W;
  • power matters for the mod, but 150 and 220 watt devices give equally good performance;
  • for a cigarette craving, a device up to 30 W is enough, and for a hookah - 150 W;
  • designs in the built-in battery are not very reliable;
  • popular options are devices with 1 or 2 batteries;
  • hookah traction requires at least 2 batteries;
  • series connection of batteries provides high power to the vape, parallel connection - autonomy;
  • parallel battery connections are practically not found among manufacturers;
  • the screen is more important for design, it does not affect functionality;
  • choose products of famous brands: Vandy Vape, Vaporesso, Eleaf, etc.

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