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Salt Nicotine VS Regular Nicotine

What is freebase nicotine
 The name translates as free base. Such a component is pure, it does not contain any impurities. This is the most effective way to saturate the body with nicotine. Manufacturers include it in the formulation of refills for electronic cigarettes, but there is one drawback here - the steam produced is very irritating to the throat. The more nicotine is contained in the e-liquid, the harder the vapor is exhaled. For smokers who switch from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, this can be a powerful argument against. Salt nicotine can solve this problem.

What is the difference
 With the help of salt nicotine, the effect of smoking is achieved twice as fast, but at the same time the blow to the throat is much less. Liquids characterized by high strength ensure that nicotine enters the bloodstream quickly - 2-3 puffs are enough for this. The excellent digestibility of the salt element is justified by its lower volatility and low pH compared to freebase nicotine. When puffed, the steamer does not feel a blow to the throat.
 The nicotine salt was developed by the American company PAX Labs in 2015. The substance was included in the liquid for Juul branded electronic cigarettes. The component was created specifically for POD systems, but later it was adapted for regular mods.
 Benzoic acid is involved in the manufacture of the substance, which allows the absorption of the substance in the body. The main advantage of nicotine salts is the ability to evaporate at low temperatures. The bather gets the opportunity to enjoy a lighter and softer soaring. Salt nicotine e-liquids are great for "smoking" without anyone noticing.
 Salt nicotine combines differently with flavors. More are needed to make a liquid. Salt nicotine e-liquids have a less intense taste. However, this is not taken into account, since their purpose is imperceptible saturation, and not the disclosure of all the flavoring nuances of the dressing.
 The minus of salt liquids is the rapid contamination of the evaporator, since salts actively settle on the winding during the heating process. The advantage of the ingredient can be considered a long shelf life.
 Buying a nicotine salt e-liquid for a POD system has many benefits:

  • Compact devices - enough power of 10-20 watts. Therefore, you will need a small POD that fits comfortably in your pocket.
  • Low e-liquid consumption - it only takes a few puffs to satisfy your nicotine cravings.
  • Easy absorption by the body, which minimizes the likelihood of side effects.
  • No aftertastes - the component is additionally purified, which makes it neutral.

As you can see, both forms of nicotine have their pros and cons. Which one to choose depends entirely on your preferences.

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