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Top 5 e-cigarette brands

     The Chinese company was founded by iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd in China in 2013. Brand products are affordable functional devices. Eleaf produces devices that are lightweight and of high build quality.
     Key advantages of electronic cigarette manufacturer:

  • During production, all models undergo special tests to control their quality. Specialists supervise every stage of production. This allows you to exclude the receipt of goods with defects in the sale.
  • Most models are equipped with a universal connector of the 520 series. Due to this, it can even be used on electronic cigarettes from other manufacturers.
  • Compact products are equipped with double protection systems against overcharging, overdischarging and power failures.

     Eleaf vapes are intended for the mass consumer, as well as for beginner vapers. Convenient and easy-to-use gadgets are suitable for getting acquainted with the technology of using electronic cigarettes.
     The brand from China produces premium products. They are characterized by impeccable assembly and high-quality materials, stylish appearance and an extensive range of colors. In addition to electronic cigarettes, Jwell produces a number of related products - mixes, box mods, atomizers, vaporizers, accessories.
     The company's vapes are popular due to the following advantages:

  • An impressive choice of colors not only for men, but also for girls. For example, the PSS-V2 Pink model is made in a pink shade. It is characterized by compact dimensions, which allows it to lie comfortably in the hand, and thick, saturated steam.
  • A wide variety of types of electronic cigarettes. The brand's product range includes economy-class devices, such as Lumea Red 1500, as well as electronic handsets, such as ILINE Electronic pipe in an elegant ergonomic case.

     In the manufacturer's catalog you can find high-tech devices, compact sets and electron tubes. Most models are made in black and white colors. Exclusive models are made in red shades and with drawing. In its products, the manufacturer focuses on minimalist design and ergonomics.
     A bright representative of SMOK products is the Stick Basic Kit Silver model:

  • Comes with a 2200 mAh battery.
  • Convenient filling of the top type is equipped with a swivel mechanism.
  • The miniature 2ml tank delivers consistently thick clouds of vapor.
  • SMOK owns the development of the dual coil cartomizer and other technologies that have improved the quality of vapes.

     The Chinese brand appeared on the market in 2007. His gadgets are distinguished by sophisticated style and original design. The advantages of the company's products are high-quality assembly and reliability of operation.
     Joyetech vapes boast the following features:

  • The colors of the model are represented by white and black shades.
  • Battery mods can be charged from the mains and via USB.
  • The brand’s assortment includes models with different tank volumes and power, which allows you to select devices for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Some models are available with built-in OLED displays. They display information about the number of puffs made and other data about the operation of the device.
     One of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, founded in China in 2007. The brand's products comply with environmental standards and have SGS, ROHS and CE quality certificates.
     You can evaluate the quality of the company's products using the inexpensive DRIPBOX Starter kit White as an example:

  • The gadget is designed in three colors.
  • It comes with a USB charger that works from the network and from a PC.
  • The volume of the flask is 7 ml, which is enough for long-term vaping.
  • Laconic and stylish design. The design is convenient to carry.

     We can say that the leaders in the niche offer consumers inexpensive vapes made in a simple design.

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