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What you can order as cheap e-juice online

Beard Vape Co is the US producer that has released the e-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes to the market not so long ago, but it is already in demand.
Do not expect that the listing of standard tastes will now begin. It will not happen.

In the vape juice brands list of Beard Vape Co there are only five aromas, which are divided with numbers.
E-liquid flavors are completely unusual. It is known to those who have already tried e-fluids with beards.
Why the numbers are not given by order, this is the manufacturer's secret, but let's talk about the wholesale e-juice flavors in details.
5. This number means the aroma of cake with strawberries.
32. Flavor combination of bread and cinnamon. Its aftertaste is burnt sugar.
51. The aroma of custard vanilla cream.
64. The aroma of candies.
88. The taste of mint-chocolate cake.
The e-liquid nicotine inclusions rate from zero to 18 mg. The sizes of bottles are diverse with regard to the nicotine content. Each vaper can choose an own optimum capacity. There are options for those who become true fans of these e-fluids.
In the bottle, there is a pipette instead of a standard cap.
The basis of Beard Vape Co is glycerol and propylene glycol with added natural flavor additives. The creators of the "bearded" fluid try to optimize the combination of all the ingredients to create a soft and unique taste.
Apparently, Beard Vape Co does not present a wide product variety, but their e-juices are optimized for the market.

And there is an opportunity to order them as cheap e-juice online.

You can easily get them while placing orders to buy vape juice online.

Just several clicks and the e-liquids will be delivered to you from the store.

The cheap vape juice free shipping is possible.

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