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Browse Vawoo and discover a wide range of pod devices of any size and features. Compact and portable, larger in size and more powerful..all of them are of ultra-premium quality made by the leading brands of the vaping industry like SMOK, Innokin, Suorin, Aspire, Vaporesso and Eleaf. Buy your ideal pod device today on Vawoo at the best price in the UK!
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Characteristics of Different Vape Pod Kits.

There are three types of pod kits: disposable, closed loop system and refillable. Let’s check what is the difference between these pod devices.

1.Disposable Vape Pod Kit features no maintenance, charging or refilling. It has the smallest size and is portable. You will vape it for about a day and throw it away.

2.Closed Loop System Vape Pod Kit adopts replacement pods with diverse flavours and can be recharged. This kind of pod devices commonly are designed in a pen style. They are portable and easy to use as well. All you need to do, replace the pod and recharge your vape.

3.Refillable Vape Pod Kit. With this kind of pod vape, you can recharge your device and refill it with an e-juice. You’ll have more fuss with that, but it definitely will less costly.

Best Brands of Pod Systems:

  • SMOK

  • Innokin

  • Suorin

  • Aspire

  • Vaporesso

  • Eleaf

  • Jomothech

  • MiPod

  • Asvape is a surefire way to find the best vape pod device for you. Choose your perfect vape kit and enjoy it!