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How to choose an electronic cigarette? Tips from experienced smokers.

Electronic cigarettes have become part of the modern world. More and more people are switching to them or quitting smoking with them. But it is quite difficult for a beginner to understand all the features of choosing a device. This article will help you figure out how to choose an electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette - what is it, how it works

An electronic cigarette is a simple device that consists of two main parts - a battery and a vaporizer. The evaporator has a large number of varieties; it is called an atomizer, POD, tank. This is exactly the element that consumes battery power and produces steam.

The battery contains a board that supplies power to the vaporizer at your discretion or with your adjustments. Inside the evaporator (atomizer or cartridge) there is a spiral or mesh heating element, when heated, they evaporate the liquid.

The liquid comes with or without nicotine, and also has a certain taste. Nicotine saturates the body in the same way as regular cigarettes. Feelings are very similar. There are different types of electronic cigarettes, which differ in both functionality and appearance.

Varieties of electronic cigarettes

Types by functionality and types:

POD systems

POD systems include almost any type of electronic cigarette. But initially they were conceived as compact electronic cigarettes designed to replace conventional cigarettes. They use liquid tanks made of plastic.

POD systems are designed to produce nicotine with a specific taste and high strength.

Benefits of POD Systems

1.Compact size

2. Great variety in prices

3.Design variability

Disadvantages of POD Systems

1. It is worth paying attention to the parameters of the liquid when choosing

Vapes or box mods

Vape is a model with a lot of vapor. It is equipped with a screen and adjustment. Vapes are suitable for replacing hookah and getting other sensations not related to replacing a cigarette.

Vapes come in a variety of shapes and designs. But basically they look like rectangular devices with a screen and a few buttons. Because of the shape, they got the name Box mods.

Advantages of vapes, box mods:

1.Large amount of steam

2.Settings and adjustments

3.For frequent removable battery

4.Versatile in the use of atomizers

Disadvantages of vapes, box mods:

1.Higher price

2.Need to set up and understand

3. Not everything can be used for cigarette cravings

4. E-liquid on salt nicotine is often not suitable.


Penstyle electronic cigarettes are cylindrical models. They showed up first. Their main difference is the shape; they can be both for hookah and cigarette drafts. They are also simple and incomprehensible to those who have been vaping for a long time.

Benefits of penstyle:

1. Not a big price

2.Compact size

Disadvantages of penstyle models:

1. Not the possibility of flexible settings for steam generation

2. Not always sufficient autonomy

3.Can't be well serviced

Tightening types:

Cigarette puff

The cigarette puff is great for replacing cigarettes. You get the same amount of vapor as you get from regular cigarettes. You will not feel any discomfort while vaping if you smoked cigarettes before.

The cigarette puff is formed from 2 components: the resistance of the evaporator and the tightness of the puff.

Vaporizers for cigarette draft have a resistance of 0.6 to 1.5 ohms. The higher the value, the more cigarette will be the draft (that is, 1.5 will give a couple of times less than 0.6).

The tightness of the tightening may depend on the air intake holes or the presence of a tightening tightness regulator.

Hookah traction

In a hookah draft, the amount of steam is similar to a hookah. That is, this is a lot of steam, several times more than from a hookah.

Hookah traction is achieved by evaporators with lower resistance, as well as high output power.

Maintenance types:

There are 3 types of service models: serviced, maintenance free and hybrid.


In these models, the consumable element is the evaporator. In such models, the vape evaporator is an integral part and must be completely replaced along with the body.

The average life of an evaporator is 2-4 weeks. The manufacturer usually provides several varieties with different resistance and amount of steam.

The average cost of an evaporator is from 2 to 4 £.

Advantages of unserviced models:

1.Easy to use

2.No setup needed

3.Lower device price

Disadvantages of unserviced models:

1.Dependence on the quality of the manufacturer's evaporators

2. Limited choice of evaporators from the manufacturer

3.More expensive to use than serviced


Serviced models allow you not to buy an evaporator from the manufacturer, but to make it yourself. In order to start using such a model, you need to install a spiral (or spirals), burn them, lay cotton wool.

Without this process, it is not possible to use such a model.

Advantages of serviced models:

1.Ability more flexible settings

2.Better taste and vapor

3.More winding options

Disadvantages of serviced models:

1.More prone to leaks if not properly maintained

2.More often have to service

3.Require understanding of operating principles

What to choose?

Choosing an electronic cigarette to replace cigarettes

In order for an electronic cigarette to replace well, you need to choose a device for cigarette draft. Most POD system models and some pen-style models are perfect for this.

If you want to get a kit with maximum performance, then you will need to choose a separate box mod and a separate atomizer for cigarette draft. Kits with a box mod out of the box are usually designed for hookah cravings.

POD systems with cigarette draw vaporizers and nicotine salt e-liquid are ideal for getting the effect as close as possible to regular cigarettes.

Lots of steam, hookah cravings

If you need a lot of steam then the choice will not be so easy. There are more options for achieving a large number of steam.

First of all, it is worth deciding on the desire to serve. If you don’t want to serve, then in the budget up to 60 £ you can choose from 2 battery box mods. At a price of up to 40 £, you can find a decent POD system for a hookah puff.

It will be no worse, but if you do not soar very tightly, the charge can last for a day. At the same time, the POD system with power control will allow you to choose from a large number of evaporators for both hookah and cigarette cravings.

On the one hand, POD systems are not classic vapes, on the other hand, they are quite capable of replacing them, and at the same time they are cheaper.

For salt liquid

Salt e-liquids must be vaped with the right devices. It should be a model for cigarette cravings. E-liquids with nicotine salts have a high strength, and if you use such an e-liquid on models with a lot of vapor, you can get an overdose.

For saline liquid, POD systems, penstyle electronic cigarettes with a small amount of vapor, as well as box mods with a cigarette draft tank are suitable.

Which battery is best

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are trying to achieve the optimal indicator between vaporization, autonomy and battery capacity.

That is, if you buy a compact POD system, you should not pay attention to the 900 mAh battery, because it has cigarette-powered vaporizers and will not allow it to run out quickly. Especially if you use e-liquid with a lot of nicotine. You should not compare models for cigarette cravings with models for hookah cravings.

The optimal battery for a cigarette traction model will be a battery from 700 to 1500 mAh. For most vapers, this will be enough for a day.

For a model for hookah traction, 2500-3000 mA / h is optimal.

These batteries, with moderate use, can last for a day of use.

Health impact

All electronic cigarettes work in much the same way, they just vaporize the liquid. Therefore, there are no more hazardous to health and safer.

The main harm of electronic cigarettes is concentrated in the risks for the cardiovascular system, because you will inhale nicotine, it constricts blood vessels.

Significantly reduce the risks of use will help moderate use and care of the device. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the evaporators, avoid using with a burnt taste, and also monitor the liquid level in the tank.


Of course, it's nice to hold a beautiful device. For some this is an important factor, for others it is not. The electronic cigarette market offers devices of various designs.

The design is subjective and if you have decided on the type of devices, then choose the design at your own discretion.

But for long work and additional protection, you should pay attention to the metal case with a soft-touch coating, which will allow you to soar even in winter outdoors.

90% are made of zinc and aluminum alloy, leatherette, plastic or carbon are used as decorative elements.

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