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How Can Vaping Help People Quit Smoking

So what’s the easiest and the most effective way to give up tobacco cigarettes? And does vaping really help quit smoking? 

Let’s have a look at scientific facts and vaping research in order to answer those questions.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy Or E-Cigarettes?

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Some folk cure to fight with the tobacco cigarettes addiction by means of various nicotine replacement products. Often desperate smokers turn to nicotine gums that give hiccups within five minutes of chewing it. They may also choose nicotine patches or the useless inhalers that don’t provide quite the hit people need to make it through the stressful minutes without analogs. But all those attempts end in vain – people continue using analogs and never actually quit altogether. Most of stop smoking aids may be less effective than electronic cigarettes, in some cases.

Switching to e-cigarettes is literally the most effective way of weaning yourself away from tobacco cigarettes and even nicotine addiction. But it’s vitally important to start the vape journey correctly. Pick up the right nicotine strength for your e-juice in order to satisfy your nicotine cravings from the very beginning. Vape market provides an endless array of nicotine-free e-liquids for those fellows who are no longer.

Cold Turkey Or Vape?

cold turkey or vape, how to quit smoking.

There are no doubts that cold turkey is the best option for your health when it comes to quitting smoking. No e-cigs, no nicotine replacement therapy, no medication, no hypnotherapy - nothing. You just say “NO” to analogs and stop lighting a cigarette every time you feel that dire need of nicotine. However, it has the lowest success rate as a method for giving up smoking. You ask “why?”, we say “simple”: cutting off all access to nicotine at once can lead to intense withdrawal symptoms. They are:

  • nausea
  • headaches
  • lower heart rate
  • lower blood pressure
  • constipation and/or diarrhoea

This does not mean that life without tobacco cigarettes is awful and smokers are doomed to live with all those symptoms, if they give up smoking. It only means that a sudden smoking cessation is a stress for a body which is addicted to nicotine. For this reason it’s recommended to reduce nicotine level gradually. This is exactly what e-cigarettes are able to offer.

Vaping Statistics

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The British Office for National Statistics (ONS) has laid all the cards on the table in regards to the vaping topic and tobacco usage statistics in the UK. It turned out that there were about 2,9 million of people who used e-cigarettes in 2016 across the UK. Almost all those people took vaping as a life-buoy ring when fighting with tobacco addiction. Approximately 3 million citizens have been using e-cigs by 2017 and 3,2 million by 2018. More than one and a half million of them have eventually stopped smoking. The number of vapers among the UK population has evolved rapidly and continues its growth. As of 2012, there were roughly 700k vapers. By 2019, this quantity has quadrupled. As well, for the first time, those who completely got rid of tobacco have outranked dual users.
The global population of vapers is estimated to has risen from 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016, and it’s predicted to reach 55 million in 2021.
Almost half of ex-smokers who use an e-cig say they do so to help them quit smoking, while just over 29% do so because they believe it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Vaping Studies 

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A research published in the Environmental Research and Public Health journal has brought new proofs that vaping goes hand in hand with the process of quitting smoking.
The study was conducted on 72 smokers located in Glasgow. The condition was that they smoked a minimum of 10 analogues per day on the days of use with no more than 5 uses of vape devices during the month before the beginning of the research. The participants received free e-cigs, a range of e-juice flavours as well as the nicotine strength to choose from. The participants had been monitored every 30, 60 and 90 days.
By the end of the 90-day investigation the following results were shown:
— 36,5% of people stopped smoking altogether;
— the rate of everyday smokers decreased from 88,7% to 27,5%;
— the number of cigarettes per day smoked similarly reduced to 5;
— the days when cigarettes were used came down from 30 to 13;
— the tobacco e-juice was chosen only by 13,8%;
— flavours happened to be the main component which helped to reduce their need of cigarettes for 100% of respondents.
The scientists suppose that a longer use would bring even greater results.
‘It was evident that notable changes in behaviour were evident within the first month of being provided with vape device and associated e-liquids, and that these were largely maintained throughout the three-month study period’, mentioned Professor Neil McKeganey.
The Smoking Toolkit Study found that e-cigarettes are 60% more effective in helping smokers quit.
A report commissioned by Public Health England was the first major health agency in the world to conclude there is overwhelming evidence that using e-cigarettes is around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Health Benefits 

So, you are determined to quit smoking. Do you know that this decision will benefit you even in 20 minutes after?

So What Do You Choose: Smoking Or Vaping? 

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Our life is always a matter of choice. While in airplanes we are asked to choose between chicken or fish, in our daily life we face a vital choice – to continue smoking or switch to vaping. So what would you choose?

- Ashtray smell or a gamma of flavours coming from you?
- Dull sense of taste or improved and recovered taste buds?
- Yellowish stains on the teeth or healthy mouth cavity?
- Lung disease and respiratory problems or clear lungs as much as possible?
- Increased risk of developing cancer and heart problems or reduced risk of all those illnesses caused by smoking?
- Yellow skin and eyes or healthy looking body?
- Low immune system or improved resistance to infections?
- Diabetes complications or products that do not affect your blood sugar?
- The risk of short- and long-term fertility or no jeopardy to your reproductive system caused by vaping?
- Smoking or Vaping? You either continue damaging your health or put an end to those serious health risks.
Supporting people in their steps of a tobacco-free life would benefit the world as a whole.
Should you try giving up smoking with vape devices? Yes, it's worth it. This method has proved its effectiveness over several years. Smokers should receive any help they can get. This is what our platform, as well as other communities, are about. The understanding of how important vaping is as a smoking cessation tool for a healthy nation is a key.
How did you give up smoking? How long did it take you to quit for good?

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