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Can you take a vape on a plane

Are you planning a trip and wondering: can I take my vape on the plane? Go on reading and find out if you can take e cigarettes on planes, where you can fly with e-cigs and how best to transport your e-liquids and vape devices.

Getting Back To The Basics

It is difficult to believe that more than thirty years ago passengers and crew were allowed to smoke in planes. Yes, you’ve got this right: anyone was able to light up a cigarette during airline flights, and non-smokers were forced to inhale the air polluted with tobacco smoke. The rules changed in the late 1980’, when a flight attendants’ union convinced USA authorities to prohibit smoking on most domestic flights, and within a few years later smoking on planes was completely banned all around the world. Since then indoor smoking is also strictly forbidden when it comes to many airports (except for smoking lounges). But what about vaping? Are e cigarettes allowed on planes?

Before You Fly | The Country You Are Going To

The first thing you should do is to figure out if the place you are going to is vape friendly. Do your due diligence and research the vape laws of the country/state you are visiting, before even thinking of taking a vape on a plane.
Although it was proved by Public Health England (PHE) that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking, it remains the case that many countries have strict rules regarding vaping. And they are not only about not being able to advertise vapes, but also about not being able to use them.

If you are traveling to Singapore, Cambodia, Jordan, Qatar or Vietnam, please leave your vape at home. These countries have the strictest vaping laws in the world, and if you are caught vaping, you can come in for a lot of trouble.

Can I Vape In Airports?

By law, vaping and smoking in airports are not allowed when it comes to common areas and restrooms. However, many airports like those in the UK, show respect to peoples’ nicotine dependence and are ‘equipped’ nowadays with special smoking/vaping rooms, which typically look like smoke-filled aquariums. Some of these lounges may have even electrical outlets for charging your e cigarette. Nevertheless, even if the county is vape friendly, you should still check airport policies regarding vaping.

Can You Take Vape On A Plane?

vaping on plane

The answer is: Yes, you can bring e cigarette on plane as long as you do this legally and safely. Nowadays, the rules of air travel are mostly the same around the world. Because of terrorism-era security threats, the processes and requirements of taking ecig on plane have become standardized. However, we recommend you to double-check with the airline rules as to bringing e cigs on planes, in order to be sure you comply with their policies.

• Air Canada
• Air France
• Alaska Airlines
• American Airlines
• British Airways
• Delta Air Lines
• JetBlue
• Lufthansa
• Ryanair
• Southwest Airlines
• Spirit Airlines
• Turkish Airlines
• United Airlines
There are differences between taking a vape in carry on and bringing a vape in checked luggage, so make sure you know the rules when taking vape on plane, in order to avoid having your vape device confiscated.

Carry On Luggage – Yes, Checked Bags - No

According to Transportation Security Administration USA (TSA), battery-powered e cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). So be sure to remove your vaporizer before handing over your bag. It is most likely that the airline you are using will prohibit transporting loose lithium batteries in your checked bag. So, it’s a good idea to remove your battery from your vape devise in order to prevent accidental firing and to carry your vaping parts apart. Make sure your tank is not filled with e-liquid.

That is no news that vape batteries if exposed to excessive heat or damage, can lead to disastrous consequences. That is why you should keep in mind the safety rules when it comes to taking your vape batteries in the aircraft cabin. Put them into a battery case to make sure they will not result in a fire.

Can You Take E Liquid On A Plane?

The answer is: YES, you can. But there are some rules too when bringing your vape juices on a plane. Most airlines carriers do not allow any fluids over 100ml in carry on bags. Thus, you will have to make sure your e liquid bottle is around 100ml, if you intend to get your e-liquid in the carry on luggage. Otherwise, you will have to put it in your checked bag. We also advice you to avoid glass bottles because they have high chance of breaking and spilling. You would not like to arrive and find your cloths soaked with a smelly e-liquid.

Can You Vape On A Plane?

Are electronic cigarettes allowed on planes? It is common sense that they are not. You may have the urge to go to the airplane bathroom for a quick vape, but think twice before you do this frenzied action. You don’t want to be arrested when you land, don’t you? So don’t tempt fate trying to vape or even “stealth vape” on a plane. It could trigger fire detectors, and once discovered, it will easily lead to no end of trouble. Not to mention the fact that you will expose to danger more than 200 passengers.

The thing is that smoke detectors on airplanes are too sensitive and they do not necessary detect smoke, but rather any matter that is denser than air. So, there is a great likelihood that your vapour clouds, either big or not, will be detected, if you vape on plane. This undue risk may lead to arrest and big penalty when you reach your destination. You don’t wanna spend your vacation in a foreign jail,right? Right!
You may still find some stories floating around the Internet from people who were lucky enough not to be caught whilst using electronic cigarettes on planes. And you may think that you will use e cigarette on flights too. But bear in mind that you may be not that lucky and become popular in the news announcements.

Summing Up

Let’s summarize the most important tips when traveling with your e cigarette and taking vapes on planes.
• Examine the vaping laws of the country you are going to visit;
• Double-check with the airline’s rules and restrictions about bringing electronic cigarette on plane;
• Transport your vape device in carry on bag;
• Remove vape batteries from your device and keep them in a plastic battery case;
• Avoid glass bottles for e liquids;
• E liquid bottles can be carried in carry on luggage only if they are less than 100ml;
• Big e juice bottles (more than 100ml) have to be put inside the checked baggage;
• Leave some space in vape juice bottles to avoid leaks;
• Empty tanks before your flight;
• Turn off your e cig on plane;
• Empty tanks before your flight;

Have you faced any problems when traveling with your electronic cigarette? Share your experience with our readers.

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