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Guide to 20700 vs 21700 Vape Batteries

Guide to 20700 and 21700 Vape Batteries

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Vape batteries are the engine that drives your vape device. In order to enjoy tasty clouds and all-day vaping, a good and powerful vape battery is crucial. 

As a beginner in vaping you must have already got familiar with 18650 batteries. They probably power your vape device at the moment, doesn’t they? But when digging into details and getting more information regarding vaping industry, you may come across new removable battery types: 20700 and 21700. This might simply look like a confusing mess of numbers, but in fact these are the next generation batteries.

Approximately 99% of mods are now using 18650 batteries. However, the vaping industry is moving forward and more and more products out there allow quite not standard 20700 and 21700 batteries.

This guide is all about 20700 vs 21700 vape batteries compared with the 18650, in order to help you get right information and choose the best 20700 battery or the best 21700 battery for your mod. Who knows, may be 20700 or 21700 is exactly what you are looking for.

But first, before we start our 21700 vs 20700 vs 18650 battle, let’s have a closer look at each vape battery type.

18650 Battery Review

The name of 18650 lithium-ion battery stands for battery’s dimensions, where 18 is a diameter in mm, 65 stands for length, and 0 determines cylindrical battery. These are the world’s most popular batteries with lithium-ion format and are widely available on the vaping market. The general capacity of 18650 battery typically varies between 1800mAh to 3000mAh, which is enough to power many types of vape mods, including regulated and mech mods. The batteries support a continuous discharge of 20-30 amps.

It’s quite interesting that 18650 batteries appeared far back in 1990’s. Since then, the 18650 batteries have found their way into laptops and other devices, including flashlights, electric bikes and even the original Tesla roadster. You might have read it once again now, but yes, you read that correctly – Tesla has picked the 18650 for their first electric roadster, which was powered by the same batteries that your vape mod is.

21700 and 20700 Battery Review

The name of these types stand for their parameters as where 20mm and 21mm is diameter and 70mm is length. The 20700 and 21700 have a capacity around 4000mAh. Bigger batteries = longer-lasting battery life, and the true is that these batteries have a higher amp rating (they support a continuous discharge of 30-45 amps), which means they can run at a higher wattage for much longer time. This makes them perfect for cloud chasers as well as the more casual vapers out there.

 Many reliable companies are producing 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries now, including Samsung, LG, and Sony. They all can be ordered here.

18650 vs 20700/21700

In fact there is very little difference between 20700 vs 21700 or between them both and the 18650. But before we compare their strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to understand a couple of things:

  • Rising the capacity (mAh) of a battery decreases its ability to handle a continuous discharge rating. A battery which can handle an extremely high amperage, then, won’t operate for a long time. Typically high-discharge batteries are more appropriate for power tools, while a high-mAh batteries are better for a flashlight. Within any battery format, you’ll find a range of mAh and CDR specifications;
  • Any battery which is marked as vaping battery is most likely to be not manufactured by the company on the label. The truth is that there are only a few producers of battery cells in the world.

Let’s examine the differences between 21700/20700 vs 18650.

The Pros of 18650
  • Compatible with almost 99% of vape mods;
  • Affordable price;
  • Good battery life
  • Widely available;
  • Vaping industry standard;

The Pros of 20700/21700

  • Longer battery life if compared with 18650;
  • Bigger capacity;
  • Great for mech mods;

It’s hard to determine the downsides of these battery types, as whatever battery you choose, ether 18650 or 20700/21700, it will fit your needs at the end. However, as cognition comes through comparison, you’ll have to try them all in order to decide which vape battery is the best for you.

The downside of 18650 if compared with 20700/21700

  • Less powerful;

The downside of 20700/21700 if compared with 18650

  • More expensive;
  • Less available to buy;
  • May be compatible with not all devices;

The Best 20700 Battery For Vaping

e-cigarette, clouds, vapour

EXO 20700S (Same cell as Vapcell) 3000mAh Battery

The Best 21700 Battery For Vaping
Samsung 30T 21700 High Drain Battery 3000mAh

How To Use Batteries? Vape Battery Safety Instructions. 

When it comes to vape batteries, common sense is required. There are many videos and posts stating that vapes explode. But that’s a nonsense indeed. Vape devices do not explode, but batteries do. Incorrect storage and use of batteries can lead to terrible consequences. Here are some safety instructions on how to store and use your vape batteries properly.

  1. Never use a damaged battery;
  2. Use battery cases and never carry your batteries in pockets or bags as they may come in contact with keys, change or other metal objects;
  3. Watch out for counterfeits and never go for the cheaper or unauthentic option. Purchase your battery from reliable websites;
  4. Keep an eye on your charging battery and don’t leave it unattended, especially overnight;
  5. Use a dedicated charger;
  6. Do not over-drain your batteries. Lithium-ion batteries may lose more capacity once they are completely discharged;
  7. Do not expose to extreme heat and direct sunlight;

Make sure your vape mod never runs out of power with our wide selection of vape batteries. Take care  and happy vaping!

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