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Vaporesso Luxe II 2 Mod £40.51

Vaporesso Luxe II 2 Mod

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- Equipped with AXON chip

- 220W max output power

- 4 modes: Pulse Mode, Power ECO Mode, Smart TC Mode n DIY Mode

Product Introduction

Vaporesso Luxe II 2 Mod Short Description:

Luxe II Mod is a TC Box Mod that is compatible with Luxe II Kit and NRG-S Tank. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries that can fire up to 220W max output power. And monitored by AXON chip, it brings you an user-friendly operating system. There are 4 modes available: Pulse Mode, Power ECO Mode, Smart TC Mode and DIY Mode. And the Pulse Mode can boost the inhalation every 0.02s to satisfy you with consistent performance. Besides, equipped with an upgraded user-friendly UI and the breath-taking 2.0-inch TFT color screen, LUXE II is designed for both functionality and visual esthetics. Moreover, it is designed with multiple protections to guarantee your safety.


Vaporesso Luxe II 2 Box Mod Parameters:

Brand Vaporesso
Product Name Luxe 2 II Mod
Battery Dimension 89.9x47.8x29.5mm
Battery Capacity 2 x 18650 (Not included)
Display 2.0-inch TFT Color Screen
Output Wattage 5-220W
Charging Current 5V/2.5A
Resistance Range 0.03-5Ω
Chipset AXON Chip
Color Black, Lava, Gorilla, Iceberg, Bronze Coral, Bronze Stripe


Vaporesso Luxe II Mod Details:

1. Equipped with the transformative AXON chip and a thoroughly upgraded UI

2. 220W max output power and constant Pulse Mode

3. Eye-catching 2.0-inch TFT color screen and customizable UI

4. IML panel for a visual feast

5. Powered by dual 18650 batteries

6. 4 modes: Pulse Mode, Power ECO Mode, Smart TC Mode and DIY Mode

7. Multiple protections: Overtime Protection, Overheat Protection, Short Circuit Protection, USB Input Protection, No Load Protection, Low Battery Protection, Low Resistance Protection

Package Contents

The package of Vaporesso Luxe 2 Mod Comes With:


1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Short review of Vaporesso Luxe II 2 Mod

An updated version of the Vaporesso Luxe II 220W box mod with the widest functionality, a large screen and touch-sensitive control keys with “feedback”. It practically does not differ from Vaporesso Luxe S, the only difference is in the control chip, but we'll talk about it a little lower.

Vaporesso Luxe II 220W with delivery is a box mod from the Vaporesso company, which quite rarely indulges its fans with new products. However, the device can be called a novelty rather conditionally the developers took the popular Luxe chassis in the past and finalized it by installing a more interesting screen and replacing the control electronics with an Axon Chip with just a huge number of all kinds of settings so that the user understands, this is a real combine, which has absolutely any functionality that anyone may need. Key features: The body of the device is the first thing that will certainly attract the attention of the user. So, the manufacturer offers six basic colour options for the case, while two elements in combination with each other are responsible for the chosen colour - this is a side panel with a print made using IML technology and the main frame of the case, painted to match the side panel.

The colours of the device are different - there is also a classic with black colour and a side panel with a carbon-like print, there are bright colours with a bias towards the idea of polymer resin, and there is a real luxury with a bronze theme; To run the box mod, you will need two 18650 batteries - here the manufacturer decided to ignore modern fanaticism on new battery standards and preferred to use time-tested options. 

The battery compartment is located under the side cover of the device, while recharging can also be carried out through the USB port of the box mod on the front panel of it with a current of up to 2.5A, but of course, it is recommended to use a third-party charger as a precaution;

The connector part of the device allows you to place atomizers with a diameter of up to 24 mm inclusive on the box mod, the connector is made according to the 510 standards, and the location of the connector is in the centre of the upper platform of the device;

To control the device, the same scheme is used that was presented in its predecessor - the main functionality is wound up on the Fire button on the side panel, and all settings can be made from the touch panel on the front of the device. 

Because the sensor may accidentally react when transporting the device, the screen is automatically locked - to unlock it and start working with the menu, you need to press the Fire key three times, after which you can go to the main menu by holding the bottom icon: 

- VW, a classic that is in most battery packs equipped with a board. Available power setting from 5W to 220W, the minimum resistance in this mode is 0.05 ohm; 

- SP, aka Super Player mode. This is the same wattage, but with a twist for those who spin complex coils on their drip atomizers - here the minimum threshold of supported resistance is 0.03 Ohm; 

- VT, temperature control. There are both three traditional options - nickel, titanium and stainless steel, as well as two more exotic TCR M1 and M2 with the ability to adjust to non-standard types of wire; 

- V.V. is a relatively rare guest on devices with a board - varivolt. Here the principle is not the power supplied to the atomizer that is configured, but specific voltage numbers; 

- CC. operating mode with generated and adjustable power curves. This mode will be appreciated by those who wind complex coils with the necessary high power for a quick warm-up, but at the same time require more modest power for constant work;

 - BP, mechanical mod mode, aka Bypass. There is no power here - it will directly depend on the level of charge of the batteries installed in the box mod;

- DIY, advanced setting mode of the above three modes - VW, VT and CC. Here you can, for example, set the level of preheating of the coil for the mode and make detailed settings for the thermal control mode; 

- Set, other settings mode, where you can reset the electronics to factory settings, set the time that will be shown when the screen is turned off, adjust the brightness and work with the puff counter; For all the settings in the device, the proprietary Vaporesso Luxe II Mod board - Axon Chip, which the developers have already tested in their other devices, is responsible;

 An interesting device that easily justifies its name with its appearance - everything speaks about the luxury component here, from an extravagant appearance to a touch screen for working with settings;

Vaporesso Luxe 2 TC Mod 220W is a battery mod with a zinc alloy body. Luxe II is equipped with a colour display on the side panel, which shows all the necessary parameters and even allows you to set the date and time.

Touch control buttons. There are auto-lock keys and vibration feedback that can be configured. The Vaporesso Luxe II Mod is turned on with a button on the front of the device.

The Vaporesso Luxe II TC mod is controlled by the proprietary AXON chip with adjustable power from 5 to 220 watts. The landing platform above the body is designed for atomizers with a diameter of up to 25 mm.

Two removable 18650 batteries power the device. The battery is charged using a USB Type-C cable.

The body of the Vaporesso Luxe 2 is made of steel, and many manufacturers only dream of such build quality, because no backlashes or creaks can be found here, even the lid sits in one piece. The dimensions were 90x48x30 mm, which is a classic size for a two-battery, but still a lot. The connector is equipped with a large steel landing pad that protects the top edge from scratches, and due to the size of the case, it is possible to place atomizers up to 30 mm without a rim, but anything over 25 mm will levitate slightly over the smoothly bevelled edge, not critical.

The box mod looks very good, it fits perfectly in the hand, and in terms of design, the Luxe 2 220 Mod that you can order online with delivery is excellent, as it is beautiful and strict. But this glossy case also has drawbacks, firstly, it is covered with prints, like a smartphone, and secondly, it is far from tempered glass, so scratches inevitably appear even if you blow off dust particles from the Vaporesso Luxe II mod. But the coating on the frame is very durable, probably anodized, so it will fall off only with metal.

The “Fire” button is located in the usual place - on the side, but the control keys are touch-sensitive, and they work perfectly. In addition, the box mod has a vibration response, similar to the Taptic Engine, the strength of which can be adjusted. In this case, the vibration feedback is very useful, since there is no button click. In general, despite the touch control, Luxe 2 is made conveniently, everything is taken into account, and even the auto-lock of the keys works as it should. You should not be afraid of all this, but if you are used to clicking from buttons and cannot live without them, then only Fire clicks here. Otherwise, no problem.

The display is not equipped with touch controls, which is very good, and its diagonal is two inches, which is more like a phone screen. Information is placed freely, all the icons are large and there is no need to peer, and you can display the date and time on the locked screen. It is possible to set a very long backlight-off interval for 1 hour, select a theme colour, adjust the display brightness, separately set the brightness of the touch buttons and select the strength of the vibration feedback. In terms of brightness, everything is a little worse than that of monochrome counterparts, but it is very good for a colour screen, you can make out the letters in the sun.

On board the Vaporesso Luxe 2 mod is the branded AXON Chipboard, familiar to us from the GEN series box mods, the functionality of this chip is almost impossible to surpass. There are classic VW, TC and VV, as well as curve mode, Bypass, and three warm-up modes, Smart and Auto, in which the Vaporesso Luxe 2 will independently select the power for any vaporizer. In addition, ECO and Pulse appeared, in the first case, the box mod will try to stretch the battery life, and in the second case, it will supply current every 0.02 seconds, which in theory promises a better taste transfer. The minimum supported resistance was 0.03 ohms, but only in SP mode, and the response time to pressing “Fire” is 0.001 seconds.

Vaporesso Luxe 2 produces 5 - 220 watts of power, and if you want amperes, they are not declared, but there is information about 55A and legends about intentional 65A when usually no one can give more than 40A. For charging, there are currents of 2.5A, if you find a suitable cube, which even external chargers are rarely capable of. In addition, Vaporesso Luxe 2 can be used directly while charging, and the process will take about 2 hours to recharge two batteries through the box mod, the value is modest, we have not yet met anyone faster (by 2 batteries).

If you pick up the device, turn it on and poke it, you will feel that you are communicating with a box mod from the future. Everything is pleasant here, from tactile sensations to a good vibration response and a bright display with a huge size. Even the touch keys look appropriate and work great. Visually there is nothing to complain about, the Vaporesso Luxe 2 crawls out of the box perfectly. But after a while, you are guaranteed to get scratches and get tired of polishing the device from prints, which spoils the beauty, although it does not cancel it.

In terms of filling, the device is one of the best, this applies to both charging at 2.5A and cosmic currents at 55A, as well as a mountain of modes, support for 0.03 Ohm and everything else. There are no and cannot be any complaints about Vaporesso chips, in actual use we consider them the best, even when compared with DNA because they are simply more convenient. In general, from a technical point of view, Vaporesso Luxe 2 can only compete with other Vaporesso, they are always about the same cool.

Overall, the Vaporesso Luxe 2 box mod is very good and has a different design. If you want to make a gift to a friend or your loved one, to directly enjoy one look or the realisation that real functionality and goodness are hidden inside beauty, then this is your choice. Yes, it will get scratched over time, but it will continue to work like a clock, moreover, a Swiss one. But if you think that gloss, sensor and vibration are for smartphones, then we understand you, and there are more practical devices with a matte finish and a traditional design, for example, GEN 220 from the same Vaporesso with the same functionality. So decide chic, shine and gloss, then Luxe 2 is your choice, or traditional brutalism and practicality, then look further.

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • Black
  • Bronze Coral
  • Bronze Stripe
  • Gorilla
  • Iseberg
  • Lava
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Quality made and solid. This is the mod to be tried out.
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Luxe ii 2 mod looks very good, it fits perfectly in the hand and from the point of view of design the mod is excellent, as it is beautiful and strict. Love the product!
0 0
Of course I can recommend this mod. It's an classic mod that was done to tangy perfection. I like its anti-slip coating and nice texture. Works well, and came very fast thru courier. Thank you so much!
0 0
Powerful monster, got it on sale. Mod is thruly good and have feautures as described, I mean quick charge and other things like this. With the purchase I'm fully satisfied
0 0
Thank you for making offers. So, I took this device on its half price and I'm happy as a clam. Tbh device costs its full price. Recommend
0 0
Huh, it's my best purchase of this year, thanks that you guys continue working regardless of goddamn covid. Device is powerful, very good boosts the power and then your batteries is nearly discharged, you receive full experience as with charged batteries. BTW charging is quick :)
0 0
1 week of use, no scratches, no glitches or other complaints. I think this device will work 2-3 years or more. Delivered in 5 days right to home. ty
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