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Plating Matte Black
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With two replaceable meshed coils and the adjustable bottom airflow system, TFV18 Tank is flexible to change tastes between DL and RDL. 

The 7.5ml bulb glass tube holds an ongoing vaping for you even if in need of going out. To fill the tank, you have to press the button and slide the top cap in the right way to expose the filling port, enhancing the security of use and ending juice leaking. 

Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

The only way to maintain a position of leadership in any industry is through continual innovation, and that’s exactly what the product designers at SMOK have done with the company’s TFV vape tanks. Although SMOK’s previous flagship – the TFV16 – was still the king of vape tanks in the eyes of many, SMOK surprised the world by pushing the boundaries even further and releasing the new TFV18. The SMOK TFV18 builds on the innovations of the TFV16 while adding some new features of its own.

The straight bottom-to-top airflow system that works through 3 large slots will allow rich vapor to go straight to your mouth in a limited time. The 5 braces on the base will transfer the power to the coil for circular and fast heating. With the childproof-top-cap design, it can avoid the leakage cased by accidentally opening the top cap. There is the straight wide-bore resin drip tip for capturing streams of vapor and providing comfortable vape experience.


Brand SMOK
Product Name TFV18 Tank
Capacity 7.5ml (with TFV18 Meshed 0.33ohm Coil), 6.5ml (with TFV18 Dual Meshed 0.15ohm Coil)
Recommended Wattage 80-140W (best at 100-110W)
Material Stainless Steel
Coil Resistance TFV18 Meshed 0.33ohm Coil, TFV18 Dual Meshed 0.15ohm Coil
Filling Type Top filling
Color Plating Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Gold, Red, Blue, 7-Color



  • 1. Adopts meshed coil
  • 2. Adjustable bottom airflow system
  • 3. 7.5ml e-juice capacity
  • 4. Childproof top cap
  • 5. Flexible to change tastes between DL and RDL
  • 6. 5 braces on the base to transfer the power to the coil
  • 7. Avoid leakage resulted from accidentally opening top cap
  • 8. Straight wide-bore resin drip tip for comfortable vaping experience





  • 1 TFV18 Tank (7.5ml) 
  • 1 TFV18 Meshed 0.33ohm Coil (preinstalled)
  • 1 TFV18 Dual Meshed 0.15ohm
  • 1 Bulb Glass Tube Replacement
  • 1 User Manual

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • 7-Color
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Plating Matte Black
  • Red
  • Stainless Steel
(9 reviews)
Bought one of these to replace my smoke mini coils the v2a1 and v2a2 coil set that comes as standard with the Arcfox in the UK, So what can i say.... its absolutly awesome the mini coils spit in your mouth no matter how much you change the watts this...
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I am on holiday in Greece and have run out of vape liquids. My friends have recommended me to order to Greece directly. I was not sure because I am only here for 2 weeks but my friends have reassured me that I will manage.
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Great well made tank, great flavor and capacity!
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Tvf18 tank provides a smooth clean flavor without popping and liquid inhale. Quality and cheap product. Of course, I do recommend it.
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Outstanding! Both tank and service :)
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Very decent looking. It's a good tank with powerful options. Cheap price and quick service. Will not find a better shop online!
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Beast tfv 18 tank. No leaking. Love it and will continue ordering from this shop.
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I love the accurate flavour reproduction in tfv18. The vaping gets longer and nicer. Recommend.
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The cloud production was very satisfying and long. vawoo - awesome shipping.
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