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Buy E-Liquids for Moderate Smokers E-Liquids

Cheap E-liquids

Enhance the quality of your vaping with the best e-liquid brands and vape flavours available on Vawoo!

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E-Liquids for Light Smokers

Our recommended e-liquids for Light Smokers wishing to switch to Vaping. Wide range of flavours and mixes available.

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E-Liquids for Moderate Smokers

Discover the fantastic selection of e-liquids for Moderate Smokers wishing to switch to Vaping. Great selection of brands and flavours available. Enjoy it!

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E-Liquids for Heavy Smokers

Vawoo is ready to help Heavy Smokers to switch to at least 95% healthier alternative in Vaping with this selection of the best e-liquids.

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Vawoo present you the best selection of premium quality E-juices suitable for Moderate Smokers wishing to Switch to Vaping and/or Quit Smoking.
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What Is Short Fill E Liquid?

Whether you call it shortfill or Shake n’ Vape e-liquid, it always describes a large bottle of nicotine free vape juice. Why are shortfills called so? Simply because they are not filled to the top. Typically short fill e liquid bottles, unlike 10ml bottles, are filled to 80% of their capacity, in order to customize the vape juice, adding some nicotine shots. You always get 50ml of zero nicotine e-liquid in a 60ml bottle. The bottle sizes can vary from 30ml, to 120ml and even 200ml, and they contain enough space for you to add nicotine shot, if required.

The short fills usually come in different VG/PG ratios and provide an endless gamma of flavour blends, which reflect the tastes of every vaper out there. High VG levels are perfect for blowing clouds while high PG vape juices are known to deliver more intense flavour.

How Much Nicotine To Add To 50ml Shortfill?

Vaping is always about choices. Whether you need less or more nicotine to satisfy your cravings, a little math when mixing a nic shot with your short fill will help you get the right end result.

  • 50ml + 9mg nicotine = 1.5mg nicotine in 60ml
  • 50ml + 12mg nicotine = 2mg nicotine in 60ml
  • 50ml + 15mg nicotine = 2.5mg nicotine in 60ml
  • 50ml + 20mg nicotine = 3.3mg nicotine in 60ml

Browse Vawoo and discover the fantastic selection of short fill e liquids for all tastes and seasons.