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Update on Coronavirus and Vaping from the Vawoo Platform


 UK as well as the whole Planet is facing hard times during the Covid19 pandemic. We are not going to repeat all the frightening news and numbers you are most likely tired of already.

Let’s concentrate on something positive instead! Great news for all Vaping Community:

Coronavirus will NOT spread in vape clouds unless the e-cigarette user coughs when they exhale, scientists claim.

A microbiologist sparked fears last week after warning that inhaling someone else's vapour was the same as 'being spat in the face'. But there is not enough evidence to prove that vape clouds carried enough germs to infect others, Dr Neal Benowitz, an emeritus professor of medicine said. Dr Benowitz, of the University of California San Francisco, claims the level of mucus and saliva in vapour is so minimal that it is unlikely to cause infection. 

Studies have shown that coronavirus causes more serious health complications in men than women - in the UK 70 per cent of ICU patients are male.

Chinese scientists have questioned whether that may be because men tend to smoke more than females because almost two thirds of their male population smokes compared to less than 5 per cent of females.

 If you have smokers in your family, let them know that they are at high risk of complications if infected with coronavirus, let them know about the best alternative to smoking and the leading harm reduction option which is Vaping.

 If you are a vaper, let’s keep on vaping proudly, staying low and keeping our families Safe. There is nothing more important than that.  

Vawoo Platform is working as usual during pandemic, processing orders and delivering them to you on time. To support our customers during this outbreak we offer a Special Voucher Code: Anticovid 

Use it at checkout to receive a 10% OFF your order on Vawoo.

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