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Synthetic Nicotine in Vaping

Synthetic nicotine has been around since 2016, but its popularity has been rising from around 2020.
Let's check what is it, how is it different from natural Nicotine and what can it bring to the world of Vaping.

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is the nicotine that is made in a lab and does not contain tobacco. It has the same chemical structure as nicotine derived from tobacco.
It is made to mimic the same effects, both good and bad, of natural nicotine.
Tobacco-derived nicotine extracts through a rigorous process where chemicals, solvents, and extractions get the nicotine compound from the tobacco plant, synthetic or non-tobacco nicotine. On the other hand, Synthetic Nicotine is made in a laboratory where no organic material (aka tobacco) is used.
The significant advantage that synthetic nicotine has over nicotine derived from tobacco is that it has zero impurities and can be scaled without the needs of farms, crops, or the extraction processes.

Currently, there are two major players in the synthetic nicotine business Next-Gen Labs and CNT. Both offer two different types of synthetic nicotine. Next-Gen Labs offers what they called and has patented
“Tobacco Free Nicotine” based on the R+S isomer combination. CNT offers exclusively the more advanced S isomer combination, which no one has patented yet.

These two types of synthetic nicotine are the most popular and used with vaping products today.

Regulations Impacting Synthetic Nicotine Products

There are currently no regulations, at least on the federal level (in the US), regarding synthetic nicotine. This is because there is no formal mention prohibiting the use of non-tobacco products in the Tobacco Control Act. The Act only states that "any product made or derived from tobacco and intended for human consumption, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product" is considered a tobacco product.

Since the Tobacco Control Act is the act that created the definition of a tobacco product, any vaping product that uses synthetic nicotine would not fall in the scope of the definition, which would ultimately mean they technically would not have to submit PMTAs. This is why we believe its popularity has risen and why many companies have been attracted to it. It offers a solution to the PMTA regulations.

However, regulations for synthetic nicotine are expected to occur once it becomes more readily available.
According to the TPD policy, any product containing nicotine still falls under TPD regulations (for the UK/EU).

Production Costs

According to DIYorDIE, synthetic nicotine is not more commonly used because its production costs are much higher than that of nicotine derived from tobacco. It’s still much more expensive than natural nicotine – about 13 times more expensive – but it’s finally reaching the point where it could be a viable option for a company. The price comparison is rather steep, with one liter of 100mg of natural nicotine, which creates “18,000ml of 6mg e-liquid”, costing ~70GBP to consumers, while the same one liter of 100mg of synthetic nicotine costs around ~200GBP. And this is for R+S isomer combination synthetic nicotine, which means that you would need twice the amount to be as potent as regular nicotine.

Some Examples for the Vaping brands already using Synthetic Nic:

Ripe Vapes E-Liquids

With a line-up of both vape juices and nicotine salts, Ripe Vapes uses synthetic nicotine to offer a less potent but more flavorful vapers option.
Since their recipe for both nic salts and e-juices contains synthetic nicotine, it’s less powerful and perfect for people trying to quit nicotine by lowering their nicotine intake level.

BlueBar TFN Disposables

BlueBar is a new company from South Florida. They carry ten flavors of delicious fruit blends that all use tobacco-free-nicotine (TFN) or a synthetic nicotine.
All their devices are draw-activated and contain 50mg of tobacco-free-nicotine nic salts or 25mg of regular nic salts.
If you ask us, these disposables are perfect for new vapers who found the nicotine level of regular disposables too high.

Haven Synthetic Disposable Devices

With five flavors that range from Coffee to Grape Freez, Haven Synthetic Disposables, are making a splash in the world of vaping with their synthetic nicotine devices.
With 5% synthetic nicotine nic salts, or 50mg, they offer what tobacco-derived nicotine can never provide, a less intense nicotine experience for those that enjoy disposables with moderation.

Synthetic Nicotine: The Fantasy vs. Reality

The upshot is that synthetic nicotine is a nice idea but one that can’t save vaping from unnecessarily burdensome regulation.

If you want nicotine completely free from tobacco-derived impurities and with a cleaner taste profile – and if you don’t mind spending a little more –
then synthetic nicotine is something you might want to consider.

However, if like most vapers your interest in synthetic nicotine depends largely on its ability to produce e-juice that can evade regulations, you’re destined
to end up very disappointed (at least that's how the situation looks like today).

There are no synthetic nicotine e-juices on Vawoo Platform at the moment but we're looking forward to have it available in 2022.
For now, please check our great variety of regular e-juices and nic. salts here:
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*materials from were used to prepare this article.

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