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Yocan Regen Quartz Triple Coil £9.14

Yocan Regen Quartz Triple Coil

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Regen Replacement QTC Coil is the perfect replacement coil for Yocan Regen Vaporizer. It allows for more substantial cloud production while still maintaining a low power requirement for longer vaping sessions in between charges. Providing variable voltage settings, It allows you to maximize every ounce of power the battery has to offer. With this coil, you can enjoy powerful vapor production with decent flavor retention. What's more, Regen Quartz Triple Coil boasts a threaded design that makes it compatible with other Yocan products. It completes the series of quarts heating elements from the iconic quartz dual coils(QDC) to the ultra-powerful quad coils. 5pcs each pack.

Yocan Regen Quartz Triple Coil Parameters:

Product NameRegen Quartz Triple Coil
Coil TypeTriple quartz coil design
Fit forYocan Regen Vaporizer
CompatibleAlso compatible with other Yocan products
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  • 5pcs/pack
(5 reviews)
I purchased the regen recently. Great for on the go. I love the magnet feature with the mouthpiece more than everything.
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Great cloud bringers these coils.
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I like the triple coils much, the only con is they drink juice bit too fast. The taste is great tho
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The triple coil last twice as long as the usual coils, so the cost is well worth it.
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I’m absolutely satisfied and I’ve used 2 out of 5 coils. Great quality. Thank you guys for offering quality products.
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