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Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer £21.12

Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer

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Zenith pro Tank

The Zenith Pro by Innokin is able to replace the coil without liquid draining whether the tank is upside down OR rightside up. A new dual tone look with additional color beauty rings that can be purchased separatelyto customize the look of your tank. A higher wattage Z-Coil with more airflow for a restricted direct lung (RDL) vape. All this while maintaining the great mouth to lung(MTL)vape the Zenith has become known for and completely compatible with the entire exiting Z-Coil line.


Brand: Innokin

Unit: 1Set

Color: Blue,Stainless Steel,Gunmetal,Black

Tank Capacity: 5.5ml

Device Dimensions: 24*49mm

Resistance and wattage range:1.2ohm(10-14W) /l.0ohm(20-25W)

Airflow: Bottom Airflow

Coil compatible: Zenith Series

How to fill the Tank: Top Filling

Each set contain:

1pc Zenith Pro Tank (1.2ohm)

1pc Extra Coil (1.0ohm)

1pc Extra Drip Tip

1pc Extra Glass Tube

1pc Spare O-Ring Set

1pc Decorative Ring

1pc Quick Start Guide

Short review about Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomize

Innokin has released the Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer. This is an updated "cigarette" tank with a protected flask of 5.5 ml, the ability to change the vaporizer when the tank is full and variable blowing.

The Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer is currently one of the most popular tank models, and for good reason. Innokin, this manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, in collaboration with two of the most influential reviewers in the world of vaping) has really released a very good product.

It's simple, effective, and will easily suit any new vaper.

Always on the lookout for optimizing this and reversing this success, today there is a "plus" version: the Zenith Pro Tank. So, is this just an increase in capacity (5.5 ml) or is this tank hiding other innovations to justify this name?

With a diameter of almost 25mm at the bottom of the tank, the new Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer for the best price takes on a bit more weight in its primary diameter (26.8mm). Therefore, now it is a little thinner at the bottom.

The big novelty, of course, is its height. Nearly 8mm separates the first Zenith from this one. The capacity of the system has a direct effect as you can now fill 5.5 ml of e-liquid.

Innokin introduced a maintenance-free tank - Zenith Pro Tank. The updated version of the previously released Zenith pro Tank was distinguished by increased dimensions, a contrasting decorative ring on the thread and the absence of an uncomfortable pedestal for the 510th drip tip. The basis for the Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer was permanent stainless steel. The choice was diversified by four colour options. The filling hole was hidden under the filling cap. The glass was provided with protection in the form of a massive steel flask with wide windows. A ribbed air ring was attached to the bottom.

Today we propose to plunge into the subject of MTL. Moreover, oddly enough, the first novelty belongs to the unattended segment. Innokin recently unveiled its brand-new cigarette puff Zenith pro tank atomizer. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that the manufacturer launches the rookie on a solo voyage.

Today we take a look at Innokin's Zenith Pro Cigarette Tank, named the world's most advanced cigarette tank by the manufacturer.

About two years ago, the well-known company Innokin introduced a very unusual maintenance-free Zenith PRO Tank, which, all of a sudden, turned out to be quite a successful product, despite the lack of an RBA base as such, which was compensated by a rich variety of vaporizers for a cigarette puff. Nevertheless, the device faced an abundance of criticism from users, and in their new product, the guys from Innokin listened to the latter, releasing the Zenith Pro Tank brought to mind, which we now have to get acquainted with.

Zenith Pro is available in four main colours: gunmetal, steel, blue and black. The body will be complemented by both drip types and interchangeable threaded beauty rings for greater customization. The diameter of the atomizer is 24mm and the height is 56mm.

Our list of colours and suggestions: 

Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer Stainless steel is a brutal colour for those who don't want to attract attention 

Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Gun Metal beautiful colour for those who like to be handsome

Zenith Pro Tank Blue colour fits everyone and our opinion is that is the best colour of this line

Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer by Innokin Black is nice and neutral colour that can use by everyone

The first notable innovation compared to the previous version is the ability to replace tank glass. Recall that initially, the device had a flask pressed into a metal frame.

In addition, the ledge above the drip tip hole has been removed, adding some problems when choosing a third-party mouthpiece. Now Zenith Pro tank supports the installation of absolutely any 510 format drip type.

The volume of new items has also increased significantly in comparison with its predecessor. So, the device will accommodate an impressive 5.5 ml of liquid, and the refuelling process is carried out using a swivel top cover and a small hole under it.

The novelty looks recognizable - the tank is clad in a metal frame, which, if necessary, will most likely protect it from damage. The decor is somewhat catchy - this is the difference in the landing and maximum diameters, as well as the ﻗ°convexﻗ°ﻻ ring at the bottom of the atomizer, which contrasts with the colour of the main body.

Zenith Pro supports two possible variations of the airflow system. For a cigarette puff, several tiny holes are provided here, and for a free puff, one oblong is added to the latter. The traction intensity is adjusted in a classical way - by the lower AFC ring.

Zenith MTL Tank at one time could boast of a design feature that is quite rare by today's standards in the form of a liquid shut-off system. The novelty has retained this option but has acquired an automatic closing of the feed when the filling hole is opened.

At the time of release, the developers have prepared four standard colour options, but above we have already contemplated the fifth. Since the novelty belongs to the MTL segment, the drip type is naturally the 510th landing. The filling hole is quite large, and the lid is swivel, but not hinged. The capacity of the non-bulk is decent, moreover, even in the context of "bulky" specimens. Even more so for cigarette lovers.

The brand new evaporator is offered only one, but our hero will be able to digest all instances of the Z-Coil series. In addition, the developers report that there is a fluid supply shut-off system, so coils can be changed even with a fully filled tank.

Airflow adjustment is implemented using a standard swivel ring. And here we are met by the main surprise - in addition to the dotted cigarette holes, we notice an oblong slot for a moderate hookah puff.

Not without the ability to change the evaporator with a full tank, which is quite convenient. But the variety of changers is perhaps one of the largest on the market. Zenith Pro supports all previously released Z-Coil coils and also features a new 1.0ﺧﺏ look for free-draw.

Every Zenith Pro comes with a second small ring, the "beauty ring", in a different colour. Apart from its usefulness, which we will see later, this coloured ring makes it easy to customize your tank.

This was the only drawback of Zenith for me: it was not possible to change the Pyrex tube. This characteristic, in addition to the need to completely replace the tank when dropped, also interfered with a thorough cleaning. Zenith Pro offers this feature.

As if that wasn't enough, Innokin has also equipped their new clearomizer with a system that isolates the tank when you remove the resistance.

The spring-loaded piston now pushes in when you apply resistance. It will change its position and seal the tank during reverse manipulation.

The base supports four types of replaceable evaporators from the Z-coil line, as well as the new Z-pro series. For easy and quick replacement of a used evaporator, it is possible to isolate the liquid in the filled tank by turning the top cap counterclockwise. The volume of the flask is 5.5 ml. 

The rotating air ring is provided with holes of various sizes and shapes to allow for both tight and loose tightening.

As if that wasn't enough, Innokin has also equipped their new clearomizer with a system that isolates the tank when you remove the resistance.

The spring-loaded piston now pushes in when you apply resistance. It will change its position and seal the tank during reverse manipulation.

The tank comes with two evaporators, additional glass and instructions.

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  • Gun Metal
  • Stainless steel
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Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Atomizer

I really like this one, switching from isub. No leaks so far, flavor is great.
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looking good from every angle. this website is unique. I say this because I have been trying to buy online for a long time now and it has never felt this good until now. I am a fan of yours.
0 0
Innokin took the best MTL tank and made it even better. In my opinion, this tank is perfect.
0 0
Innokin is a very good vaping brand. have had many pieces and bits from them so far and everything seems to work great and be of a very high quality so I am kind of sure this will be spot on.
0 0
Like this tank. As an ex smoker, it gives me the reduced hit that can be from simple smoking. With the top fill, it is really easy to refill and holds a lot.
0 0
Something tells me this is going to be the day when I am the most happy. I like everything I have ever received from Vawoo and I feel like this website only keeps getting better and better.
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