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Geekvape Loop V1.5 BF RDA Tank Atomizer £20.11

Geekvape Loop V1.5 BF RDA Tank Atomizer

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The Geek Vape LOOP V1.5 RDA is an innovative dripping atomizer maintains the robust postless build deck while integrating a sieve-style airflow control ring and internal honeycomb airflow that ensures an ultra-smooth vaping experience. The Geek Vape LOOP V1.5 is constructed from superior Stainless Steel with beautiful engravings and measures in at 24mm in diameter. Within the 24mm diameter, the LOOP V1.5 RDA deploys an elevated postless W-Shaped build deck side secured via flathead screws that is compatible with a single or dual coil configuration. In addition, the rotating sieve-style airflow control ring has multiple sized airslots, sized differently for a configurable ultra-smooth draw that enhances the flavor exponentially. This airflow control ring sits on the top cap and can be freely spun, reducing the chances of a stuck to pcap when altering the rate of draw from the airflow. The air is drawn in via side slots and is channeled underneath the coils, redirecting to 10 smaller holes situated on the build deck. Furthermore, the honeycomb airflow system works in conjunction with the control ring, breaking up the airflow for a smoother draw and inundating the coil structures with a breezy airflow while maintaining high flavor profiles of E-Liquid.

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