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VOOPOO VINCI R Pod Vape Kit - 1500mAh & 5.5ml £28.46

VOOPOO VINCI R Pod Vape Kit - 1500mAh & 5.5ml

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The Voopoo Vinci R kit is a cuboid-shaped gadget, having a noteworthy rechargeable battery worth 1500mAh at the side GENE.AI Chipset. The mod uses coils from the Voopoo PnP coil arrangement, propelling a modern DTL Mesh form worth 0.3ohm that can be utilized within the mod. But some users (who are holding up for Voopoo Vinci R release date) are not sure around buying the mod. Well, here may be a brief Voopoo Vinci R outline for you to form your choice easy.

Appearance and Touch

The design of Voopoo Vinci R isn't as that of the conventional pods. The gadget takes after more to the e-juice bottles. This appears how much convenient the gadget can be due to its little size. In expansion to this, the little size also fits impeccably within the hand, offering a strong grip. 

 The small size of this kit too makes sure to permit clients get rid of the overwhelming and bulky conventional pods. In addition to this, the gadget comes in numerous color adaptations such as Space Grey, Dazzling Green, Aurora, Carbon Fiber, Jade Green, Ink, Peacock, Hill Yellow, Scarlet, and much more.


Size: 104 x 25.3 x 25.3mm

Capacity: 5.5ml

Resistance Range: 0.1 - 3.0ohm

Battery: 1500mAh

Power Range: 3.8/3.5/3.2V

Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V

Material: Zinc Alloy + PCTG

Coils: Suitable for PnP coils

Color A: Carbon Fiber,Peacock, Scarlet,Ink,Opal,Hill Yellow, Jade Green

Color B: Dazzling Green, Space Gray, Aurora


1 x VINCI R Device

1 x VINCI Pod(5.5ml)

1 x PnP 0.8ohm Coil

1 x PnP 0.3ohm Coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User's  Manual

1 x GENE CHIP Card

Airflow System

The modern Voopoo Vinci R uses the most recent tech for airflow. The gadget has GENE.AI chipset. This permits making the Voopoo Vinci R one of the most helpful and most eco-friendly mod ever display within the industry. The GENE.AI chip is the smartest processor that can be display in any e-cigarette. The processor has auto as well as manual mode along side brilliantly coil matching feature. The auto and manual mode are a few of the highlights that are enjoyed by clients. These modes permit clients to vape in both by squeezing button as well as by activation by inhalation.

Three-stage Voltage Regulation

The Voopoo Vinci R mod pot kit is adequately brilliantly to recognize the coil by itself. Separated from doing this, the mod moreover performs a function of controlling the voltage at three levels. In arrange to change the voltage to your wanted level, all you have to do is to press the button rapidly three times. This will direct the voltage as per your prerequisites conjointly permitting you to feel the enchant of different flavors. 

 The voltage can be balanced to three levels. In case the gadget shows as it were one Led at that point the voltage is 3.2V. In case the gadget shows two LEDs then the voltage is 3.5V. If the gadget shows three LEDs then the voltage is 3.8V.


The Voopoo Vinci R mod comes with a unused Li-ion battery worth 1500mAh. The battery appears back for 5V/1A fast charge. In expansion to this, the battery can be charged completely inside 1.5 hours. Apart from this, there are 3 LEDs (moreover known as tricolor Led marker) to show the battery life. 

 Understanding the battery life from these LEDs is exceptionally simple. In case the Led is green, at that point it is obvious that the gadget includes a battery life more than 60%. If the Led is blue, at that point it is obvious that the device includes a battery life within the extend of 20–60%. In case the Led is ruddy, then it is obvious that the gadget features a battery life less than 20%.

Voopoo Vinci Vs Vinci R

When comparing Voopoo Vinci Vs Vinci R, users may not find much of a difference between the two mods. But a detailed table below will show you the actual difference. 


Voopoo Vinci

Voopoo Vinci R

MaterialZinc Alloy and PCTG

Zinc Alloy and PCTG





Adjustable Wattage from 5w to 40W.

Three-stage voltage regulation


0.96" TFT Colorful Screen

No Screen



Tricolor LED indicator


Manual Mode and Auto Mode

Manual Mode and Auto Mode


GENE.AI Chipset

GENE.AI Chipset


Transparent Pod Cartridge Design with 5.5ml Capacity

Transparent Pod Cartridge Design with 5.5ml Capacity


Compatible with E-Liquid and Nic Salt Juice

Compatible with E-Liquid and Nic Salt Juice


1. What is the battery capacity?
- Built in battery has a capacity of 1500mAh.

2. Is this device good for Sub 0hm vaping?
- yes, Sub 0hm coils are available for this device.

3. How long is the charging time?
- About 45 minutes to Full charge.

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • Aurora
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Dazzling Green
  • Hill Yellow
  • Ink
  • Jade Green
  • Opal
  • Peacock
  • Scarlet
  • Space Gray
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(12 reviews)
so far so good. It works great and is comfortable to hold.
0 0
Vape kit is working just as it should ,service was prompt and on time. That's why I will not hesitate to order from vawoo again.
0 0
strongly advise vopoo vinci r pod. feels good in my hand, so light weight and the quality is amazing.
0 0
voopoo vinci has the cube-shaped body, reminiscent of a lighthouse, with a convenient arrangement of controls. This is the hit! Love it! I think I bought the best cheap and functional kit. Ordering here is a pleasure!
0 0
I liked it so much and I ordered a second one days after. My latest favorite vape kit!
0 0
Perfect pod device and I heartily recommend it! Device have a lod of positive things over other pod devices. Main thing is the battery - 1500mA is vs 450 or 900 on others. For a pod device 5.5ml capacity it's really huge if take in attention that other pod devices...
0 0
Voopoo from Vawoo is something special. Please make sure this product doesn't disappear from your stock. It is worth having.
0 0
Creates the combination of power and authentic flavour notes. Totally recommend to buy!
0 0
it's THE BEST pod kit ever IMO!!! Pocket friendly, lovely design, durable and fast charging, warm vapour and pleasant true flavour delivery. No leaking, easy to replace coils.
I used to like Smok Nord, but this kit is my new favourite one. Love it!
0 0
the quality of the product is very good. No, it’s not the first time, and not the last time that I place orders here online.
0 0
VOOPOO VINCI Mod Pod is a truly innovative device, many vapers will appreciate the versatility of the device, using it you can vape your e-juices including nic salts but also you have the ability to track the e-juice consumption. cool device, the only thing i didn't like the fact...
0 0
This is an excellent version of the this system for both beginners and experienced vapers who want a simple, stand-alone and versatile device. I love your price range and assortment. Recommend!
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