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Blitz Realm 30W Pod System Vape Kit - 1100mAh £34.33

Blitz Realm 30W Pod System Vape Kit - 1100mAh

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Product General

Blitz Realm 30W Pod System Vape Kit is planned for a pod-style and incredible execution that will be the exceptional clients within the vape bunches. Fueled by a bigger built-in 1100mAh battery and huge 3.5ml e-juice capacity to ensure your all day long vaping experience. Other than, it gives 1.5A quick charging that might be completely charged in 30 minutes. What a helpful is it to recharge your power in time.   

The coil is simple to function and replaceable that can be congruous with Smok Nord coil, so you'll have 0.6ohm mesh coil and Smok Nord coil two ways accessible, it'll spare your more money and time to utilize it. In expansion, the Domain equipes with the progressed Taiwan imported chipset with temperature restricting anti-dry hit security and buck-boost & output chip to convey eminent flavor indeed when battery is moo. The Realm pod vape kit embraces changeable 510 trickle tip and uncommon press-rotate locking component for superior vaping involvement. As for the appearance, there are four colors you'll be able select: space sliver, matte black, red and blue, all embraces glass fiber double board to provide you astonishing sense of touch. Just come to get it.


Size: 70 x 45 x 22mm

Capacity: 3.5ml

Battery: 1100mAh

Resistance range: 0.2-3ohm

Voltage range: 3.3-4.2v

Power range: 5-30v

Color: space silver, matte black, red, blue

Charge Style: AC/USB

Protective Function: high-temperature protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, 8 seconds cut-off


1 x Realm pod

2 x mesh coil (1 installed, 1 extra)

1 x user manual

1 x warranty card

1 x usb cable

Key Characteristics:

1. Replaceable Coil

One of the foremost exciting highlights of this vape is its replaceable coils. Generally, clients throw absent their vapes after the coils get damaged. But getting a modern vape will be costly; so, barrage domain kit comes with coils that are replaceable.

There are 4 types of coils to choose from;

0.8ohm Nord Mesh MTL Coil – this is usually supplied with the Trinity Alpha kit

0.6ohm Mesh Coil – this is part of the Nord and Trinity alpha kits

1.4ohm Regular – this is a standard metal coil and great for flavor

0.6ohm Dual Regular – this has 2 regular coils inside

2. Polymer Technology

The innovation utilized by Blitz Realm is Polymer Technology. It is one of the foremost progressed systems out there utilized on any vape systems. It gives everything from high-temperature protection, security from short-circuit and indeed low voltage security. 

3. Compatible with SMOK Nord Coil

Coming to the coils of the gadget, you may discover the system very distinctive. The coils of the Blitz Realm are replaceable. There are 4 of them available. But the most excellent portion almost the coil is that the coils utilized by the gadget are SMOK Nord Coils. It is totally prepared with SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit.

4. Fast Charging

Blitz Realm is equipped with one of the smallest batteries we have ever seen. It is a tiny 1100mAh internal battery which features 1.5A quick charge. The entire battery gets fully charged within 30 minutes.

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Red
  • Space Silver
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(6 reviews)
I like stylish case`s design, perfectly sits in a hand. Great conveys taste, huge vapour amount pairs, high power
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Built-in mesh coil provides a smooth flavor and delicious flavor. exactly the feature expected from this unit. will visit the site again.
0 0
The coil is easy to function and replaceable that can be suitable with Smok Nord coil which was very useful for my gf.
This device has an interesting and original look ,was able to chose from 4 colors, I ordered red for my girlfriend, she is really happy with it....
0 0
I can't say this is the best pod kit ever on the market, but it is worth the price moreover on vawoo the price is superr cheap.
0 0
fantastic, creates great flavor even with low battery. that makes me so happy.
0 0
Device is working well, but it declares itself that it's battery is enough fore 24 hrs.... it's total bullshit, because at 6PM I need to charge it again. I do not have complaints about taste that this device give but I expected more, at least 1 day of use...
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