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Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Pod Kit £0.01

Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Pod Kit

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Orion Q-PRO Kit is the overhauled form of ORION Q that prepared with substitution coils. It comes with 950mAh Li-Po battery and 2ml e-liquid capacity. There are 5 movable control outputs up to 24W, giving you the capacity to appreciate your clouds and nicotine hit. With beat movable airflow, you'll switch between MTL and DTL vaping way at whatever point you like. In expansion, Orion Q-PRO Kit is congruous with both freebase e-juice or nicotine salt.

Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Pod Kit Specifications: 

Brand Lost Vape
Product Name Orion Q-PRO Pod Kit
Dimension 93×37×13.5mm
Pod Capacity 2ml
Weight 87g
Wattage 8W-24W
Battery Capacity 950mAh Li-Po battery
Colors Stabwood Series: Black-Grove/Stabwood, Ochre/Stabwood, Red/Stabwood, SS-Rivulet/Stabwood, SS-Oasis/Stabwood, Black-Voyage/Stabwood Weave Series: Silver/Weave, Black/Weave, Blue/Weave, Gold/Weave, Rainbow/Weave Honeycomb Series: SS/Fantasy/, Black/Ocean, Blue/Aurora, Gold/Dazzling, Rainbow/Rainbow

Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Vape Kit Characteristics:

1. The upgraded form of ORION Q that prepared with substitution coils
2. Congruous with all sorts of coils: ORION Also 0.25Ω mesh coil, ORION Additionally 0.5Ω Regularcoil and Q-PRO 1.0Ω Standard coil
3. 5 movable control outputs up to 24W
4. Consistent with both freebase E-juice or nicotine salt
5. Beat movable airflow and switch between MTL and DTL vaping way
6. Interesting full stab-wood boards

7. Multiple protection: Short-Circuit Protection, Low Battey Protection, Over-charge Protection, Temperature Protection, Low/Hign Resistance Protection

The package of Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Starter Kit Comes With:

●1 × Q-PRO device

●1 × Q-PRO Pod(1.0ohm regular coil pre-installed)

●1 × Q-PRO 0.5Ω Regular Coil

●1 × Q-PRO User Manuald

●1 × Q-PRO Lanyard

●1 × Micro USB Cable 

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • Black-Voyage/Stabwood
  • Black/Ocean
  • Black/Weave
  • Blue/Aurora
  • Blue/Weave
  • Gold/Dazzling
  • Gold/Weave
  • Ochre/Stabwood
  • Rainbow/Rainbow
  • Rainbow/Weave
  • Silver/Weave
  • SS-Oasis/Stabwood
  • SS-Rivulet/Stabwood
  • SS/Fantasy
Type (from option):
  • Honeycomb Series
  • Stabwood Series
  • Weave Series
(5 reviews)
I loiving this device. In comparing to other vapes, this device is very small but have about 1k watts. You can change wattage depend on coil you use and nice that thid device works with any coilheads from Lost Vape. Thanks!
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My first device. I am not an expert and I have a try from my friend to vape, but I can say that this device is nicely transmitting the flavour. Vapour amount not so big. Hope it will be helpful
0 0
Device is awesome! AC battery is pretty enough, I've charging the device once at 24 hours. Great fact that I didn't knew before I bought is that you can change the coilheads in the pod. I recommend it.
0 0
Simple to use, good flavour and clouds so ideal for a newcomer to vaping especially at the price point... Highly recommend.
0 0
I expected that device will be a bit larger, but its definitions is very compact and this mod as well have light weight. I want to see this device with a bit larger battery and pod capacity.
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