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Affiliate Program

What is VAWOO Affiliate Program?

Vawoo Affiliate Program gives you the possibility to gain from your website. In terms of our affiliate program we will reward you financially for directing new customers to We pay you commissions when your Affiliate Area refers a customer to our website and he/she purchases a product from

How does the affiliate program work?

Your Affiliate Area with the reference to our website → Customer clicks on the advertising link (banner) placed on your website → Customer registers on and makes orders within 30 days → For every successful order, you are paid specific percent.

How do I get started?

In order to apply for our program you need to register on our website and to select the appropriate account type ‘Affiliate’.

Does it cost anything to participate in your Affiliate Program?

The applying and participating in the Affiliate Program is totally free of charge.

How can I check my Affiliate account balance?

In order to check your Affiliate account balance, you need to access your personal account page by clicking on the My account → Affiliates → Account balance in the top right corner.