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30ml Usalt Premium Nicotine Salt Milk Strawberry E-liquid £4.74

30ml Usalt Premium Nicotine Salt Milk Strawberry E-liquid

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The premium e-juice USALT PG+VG Premium Nicotine Salt E-liquid! It is an unique and tall quality E-juice with different tasty flavors counting Mixed Fruit, Ice Mango, Milk Strawberry, Litchi Grape, Sweet Menthol, Blueberry Impact, Caramel Tobacco, Nutty Tobacco, Unique Tobacco and USA Tobacco. 30ml each bottle in 55PG/45VG, with 30mg/50mg tall nicotine quality alternativesFair get them to appreciate truly immaculate flavor with ideal vapor.

Flavor List:

1. USA Tobacco:

Typical American flavor, light tobacco flavor, mixed with a little milk, almond and caramel embellishment, silky and smooth

2. Original Tobacco:

Double combination of Virginia and Zimbabwe tobacco with the traditional tobacco making process which is simple, fresh and pure

3. Nutty Tobacco:

Walnut, hazel nut, almond, cocoa, all combined with tobacco, grace and joyful

4. Caramel Tobacco:

Crisp and sweet, with maple sugar, caramel, Sugar cane into refreshing tobacco incense

5. Sweet Menthol:

Cold and refreshing, keep your mouth fresh and make your nose, mouth, throat, trachea so comfortable, but not bitter

6. Blueberry Blast:

Fresh, sour and sweet blueberry juice

7. Ice Mango:

The pure mango flavor, strong smell, moderate sweetness, and soft and fresh taste

8. Litchi Grape:

Sweet litchi with thick and delicious grape

9. Milk Strawberry:

Fresh ripe strawberry for fundamental key, first milk is base material, accompany on cool and refreshing mint

10. Mixed Fruit:

Sweet blackcurrant, attractive passion fruit, with a little bit of apple, rich flavor but clear

Brand: Usalt

Unit: 30ml/bottle

Base: 55%PG+45%VG

Flavor: Milk Strawberry

Strength: 50mg/30mg

Packaging: Childproof Plastic bottle in a paper box

Attr1 (from option):
  • 55PG/45VG
Attr2 (from option):
  • 30mg
  • 50mg

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