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Leprechaun Liquids Salts 3 x 10 for £12.50

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Mixed Berry
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Mixed Berry - One for the fruity fanatics! Fresh berries squished together in perfect harmony to give the perfect fresh-from-the-field taste.

Ice Menthol - A terrific minty freshness with the coolest of kicks.

Strawberry Fizz - A ripe, juicy strawberry flavour with a fizzy afertaste that lingers and excites
Blue Raspberry Sherbet - A tongue tingling blast of fizz laced with a refreshing raspberry twist 
Pink Lemonade - A refreshing, sweet lemonade flavour with a fruity burst of red berries
Gold Tobacco - Authentic Tobacco taste that is flavoursome and smooth
Passion Fruit And Mango - An exotic blend of tropical fruits - sweet and juicy mango paired with a hit of tart passion fruit
Fruit Fair - A surprising blend of sweet pomegranate, blueberry and candyfloss, brought to life with a tangy twist of lemon
Summer Berries - A fresh-from-the-field flavour taking you back to those lazy summer days
Mint Toabacco - A smooth tobacco tasting vape with a blast of cool mint.

10 / 20 mg/ml nicotine

Brands :
Flavour (from option):
  • Blue Raspberry Sherbet
  • Fruit Fair
  • Gold Tobacco
  • Ice Menthol
  • Mint Tobacco
  • Mixed Berry
  • Passion Fruit And Mango
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry Fizz
  • Summer Berries
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possibly my fave liquid from this market. I have already bought 6 to be exact. yummy and discounted which is the most attracted feature.
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