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SMOK MAG P3 230W Mod General Info:

MAG P3 Mod is fueled by double 18650 batteries and a smart IQ-S Chipset, it can fire up to 230W max output with 0.001s streak terminating speed. It proceeds a few discernible options of the MAG arrangement, such as gun-handle shape, fragile fire key and extraordinary execution. It is developed with a posterior lovely carbon fiber board which shows the high-level of craftsmanship. And the USB port with a defensive elastic plug is imaginatively outlined on the back panel. MAG P3 claims a recently planned 1.9" highly-responsive touch screen, and most of the operations can be wrapped up with a basic touch. The updated UI offers more clear and detailed vaping data. With the IP67 waterproof work, it can withstand water submersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. And it's moreover dust-proof (IP67) and shockproof to avoid dust entrance and inadvertent drop. Additionally, it bolsters slide-to-unlock function. Different sorts of securities are connected to avoid potential dangers. Accessible in 5 colors: Black Red, Green Black, Gray Black, Red Black, Blue Black.


MAG P3 230W Mod Specifications:

Size72.3 * 36 * 91.6mm
Battery Type2*18650 Cells (not included)
Standby Current<400uA
Power Range1W-230W (VW)/10-230W (TC)
Input Voltage6.4V-8.4V
Output Voltage0.5V-8.2V
Charging Voltage5V
Charging Current1.8A
Firing Speed0.001s
Resistance Range:0.1Ω-2.5Ω (VW)/0.05Ω-2Ω (TC)
Temperature Range200℉-600℉/100℃-315℃


SMOK MAG P3 Box Mod Characteristics:

1. Fueled by two 18650 batteries with 230W max output 
2. IP67 waterproof, dust-proof (IP67) and shockproof functions 
3. Driven by a smart IQ-M Chipset 
4. 0.001s streak terminating speed 
5. Recently planned 1.9" HD touch screen to offer valuable data information 
6. An input console - watchword assurance option 
7. Backside wonderful carbon fiber panel 
8. Lovely little fire key for simple operation 
9. Slide-to-unlock function 
10. Different Assurances: Short Circuit Protection, Over-heating Security, Low-Battery Caution, 10 Seconds Cut-off, Puff Monitoring System, Brilliant Atomizer Recognition

11. 1.8A quick charging

12. Choose from 5 colors: Black Red, Green Black, Grey Black, Red Black, Blue Black



The package of SMOK MAG P3 Mod Comes With:

● 1 x SMOK MAG P3 Mod

● 1 x USB Cable

● 1 x User Manual

● Spare parts


1. What tanks will work with my SMOK MAG P3 Mod?

This Mod has a universal spring-loaded 510 connector and is working with most 510 tanks. Recommended is TFV16 tank.

2. How Do I Prime Coils For My SMOK MAG P3 Kit?

You need to pour some e-liquid of your choice on the coil and the cotton and wait for 5-10 minutes till they get ready for vaping in order to avoid dry hits.

3. What is the power range of this kit?

Power range of SMOK MAG P3 mod is 5-230W - to satisfy all possible vaping types needs.

Brands :
Color (from option):
  • Black Red
  • Blue Black
  • Gray Black
  • Green Black
  • Red Black
Same Day Dispatch :
(12 reviews)
Durable and comfortable mod. It includes everything you need to get profound vaping going on.
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I was tired of carrying big vapes around. That was the reason I decidd to buy Smok mag p3 mod. If you're looking for a compact setup, this one is great and extemely tough.
0 0
It generates decent flavor. Smk mag is a very powerful mod. Worth the money I paid.
0 0
I bought smok mag p3 mod and the merchandise is original and came adequately packaged. The pricing was the best. It gave me the satisfaction I was doing the right steps in vaping.
0 0
Absolutely love it! Laconic style, nice taste and flavor and of course low price. This is what I will get from vawoo. Best service ever!
0 0
Excellent, waterproof device from Smok, mag p3 mod works at high powers. Definitely recommend it if you like such vaping.
0 0
Smok mag is working as it should. The service was prompt and on time. I will never hesitate to order from vawoo again.
0 0
Recently got the product. Tested it and consider it to be perfect for everyday vaping. perfectly conveys the taste of vape liquid and generates enough vapor. Will buy again.
0 0
I ordered this mod because a large selection is presented in the catalog at a very affordable price. Store managers are knowledgeable, provided professional advice and assistance in choosing. Quickly placed an order, delivered on time.
0 0
Mag p3 is far better than the Alien that I recently replaced. Battery is powerful. Works like a champion.
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