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Hcigar AURORA Squonk Mod £54.5

Hcigar AURORA Squonk Mod

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AURORA Squonk Mod has an ergonomic design. It can be compatible with a single 18650/20700/21700 battery and support 80W maximum output. The mod also features a high-definition color screen, superior safe output performance and simple operation methods give you a new kind of electronic cigarette health experience. It has unique battery replacement method for better experience. Available in Silver, Black, Red.

AURORA Squonk Box Mod Parameters: 

Product NameAURORA Squonk Mod
Wattage Range5W-80W
Temperature Range100-300℃/200-600℉
Battery TypeSingle 18650/20700/21700 cell (not included)
ColorsSilver, Black, Red 

The package of AURORA 80W Squonk Mod Comes With:

1 x AURORA Squonk Mod1 x USB Cable1 x Manual

A quick how to guide

  • Fill your squonk bottle with your favourite e-liquid carefully screw back on the cap and straw, place the bottle into the mod, connecting the metal rod to the plastic straw.

  • Place your choice of battery into the mod making sure to follow the battery orientation mark/s.
  • Reassemble your doors.
  • Choose an appropriate BF RDA (with squonk pin, coils and cotton).
  • Slowly press your bottle so that the cotton gets soaked with liquid.

Enjoy your new Aurora 80w squonk mod.

Hang on what exactly is a squonking?

In “basic terms” squonking is a delivery method of liquid to your RDA via a 510 pin that has a hole in it, connected to a mod with a similar 510 pin the liquid gets delivered to your RDA from a small bottle that is placed inside the mod, you press the bottle to wet the cotton and vape as normal.

Final Review Verdict

Was my excitement at taking a look at the Towis 80w Squonk Mod justified? I’d say yes and no in equal measure, the mod has a few problems which are mainly cosmetic. I have to say though that the mod functioned very well and sailed through all my normal in use tests, it hits hard when it needs to!

Being a regulated box I would be happy to recommend the Aurora to those that are new to the world of squonking!

OK would I buy the HCigar Aurora squonk mod again should I lose or damage this one? If Hcigar changed the magnets for the doors! Yes I would.

Brands :
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  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver

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