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Joyetech CUBOID TAP 228W TC Box Mod £29.34

Joyetech CUBOID TAP 228W TC Box Mod

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The Joyetech Cuboid TAP 228W TC Box Mod integrates some of the industry's most innovative technology such as TAPTEC Technology and pressure-sensitive system within a beautiful box mod chassis. The Cuboid TAP 228W elevates the hardware aspect of traditional box mods with the latest TAPTEC Technology, in which tiny pressure or "taps" will generate signals to the processing chipset. The result is a totally new operational experience, making adjustments easy with a simple tap or fire the device in the same method, with the option of traditional firing mechanism available on the mod. To synergize with the TAPTEC Technology, the Cuboid TAP integrates pressure-sensitive system for further ergonomics, such as activating the menus or locking/unlocking the device by clutching the device. Similar to Joyetech's latest output technology, the Cuboid TAP can function as a power bank, initiated by converting the 510 connection into a USB output with the optional Reverse Charging (RC) adapter. It also features a new cell balancing Trickle Charge System for balanced charging, while maintaining Buck-Boost Technology for efficient utilization of batteries. The onboard chipset is notably powerful, with an extended power range of 1 to 228W alongside a 50A maximum output current. Furthermore, the deployment of comprehensive temperature suite with TCR adjustments and Preheat functionality allows users to fine-tune the desire output for a truly versatile performance piece. Bringing the industry into new heights with a suite of highly advanced functionalities, the Joyetech Cuboid TAP 228W TC Box Mod is a truly modern flagship output technology.

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