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Pavinno Puro Replacement Cartridge - 2pcs/pack £11.74

Pavinno Puro Replacement Cartridge - 2pcs/pack

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SS316L 0.2ohm

Original Pavinno Puro Replacement Cartridge is a smart pod system with two different pods including SS316L Cartridge and Ceramic Cartridge.
The SS316L Cartridge with 0.2ohm rated at 5W to 50W in chrome color, and an additional gold 0.8ohm Ceramic Cartridge with an output range of 5 to 20W
that is designed for salt nic e-liquids. Pavinno Puro Replacement Cartridge presents an astounding vaping experience with the purest flavor. 2pcs per pack.

SS316L Cartridge: 0.2ohm, 5-50W, Chrome Ceramic Cartridge: 0.8ohm, 5-20W, Gold

Package Includes:
1 x 2pcs Pavinno Puro Cartridge, transparent + silver/gold color.

Brands :
Size (from option):
  • Ceremic 0.8ohm
  • SS316L 0.2ohm
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(6 reviews)
Pavinno Puro is quite simple to use, which I really like .
Nice price and good service, ty.
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Needed this for a long time, but many websites wouldn’t ship anything. Thank you vawoo for fast delivery. Got this for my Pavinno Puro. Satisfied with everything.
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Very convenient to use,amazing price, decent shipping.
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oh my gosh, finally got anti-leakage, innovative technology. now guaranty of the comfortable vaping. more than happy!
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Was shipped like I had ordered an express shipping. Incredibly convenient.
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pod features two pods - for nicotine salts or traditional eliquid. very convenient.
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