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Finic Replacement Coils £5.31

Finic Replacement Coils

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The Voopoo Finic Replacement Coil is meant for the Finic All in One Vape Pen. Each pack comes with five (5) coil heads. There are three types of Finic replacement coils which serves its unique purpose and usage. The YC-R1, rated at 0.6 ohm and intended for 35mg or lower, the YC-R2, rated at 1.2 ohm and intended for 20mg or higher, and finally, the YC-C, rated at 1.6 ohm and intended for 25mg or higher. Both YC-R2 and YC-C are recommended to be used with the Finic 16 whilst the YC-R1 and YC-R2 are recommended with the Finic 20.

Coil Specifications:

  • 0.6 ohm
  • 16 to 22W


  • 1.2 ohm
  • 8 to 12W Maximum


  • 1.6 ohm
  • 6 to 8W Maximum
Resistance (from option):
  • 1.6ohm

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